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How to Share, Embed, and Link YouTube Videos


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Find the Embed Button
Locate the embed tag on YouTube
Screen Capture

Sometimes you may want to embed a video, and sometimes you may want to link to it or share it in another way. We'll explore the options, and you'll be sharing YouTube videos in no time.

Do you want to embed a video? Embedded videos can be played on any Web page or site that supports embedding content. Google will give you the code, and you just need to copy and paste.

The first step is to press the <Embed> button. Now, this is only visible on the YouTube watch page for that video, not on the channel page. That's an important distinction. If you see a link that says "View comments, related videos, and more" below the video, click on it, and that will take you to the watch page.

Next, you're going to click on the embed link. It used to be located on the right side on the watch page, but it has been moved below the video.

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