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5 Wearable Fitness Trackers for Android

There sure are a lot of these fitness tracker doohickies on the market. How about a rundown of a few of the most popular models.

The Google Exec, the Heroin Overdose, and the Prostitute

This case sounds like something written for a bad TV drama.

All About Google Keep

Google Keep is the small app that could. The best feature is the ability to set location-based reminders that show up in Google Now.

Your Next Thermostat Could Be a Nest Robot

The Nest is a robotic thermostat that adjusts to your personal habits and turns off the heat or air conditioning when you're not using it to save you money.

Google and the Internet of Things

Google is making some very interesting investments and inventions in the Internet of Things. The what of the what?

Learn About Classroom by Google

I know educators have been clamoring for something like this for ages. A free learning management system (LMS) from Google that would allow them to assign and grade papers using Google Docs.

What Is Gooru Learning?

Gooru Learning is a project from a former Googler to help find quality learning resources for kids.

Google's First Social Network: Orkut

If you're not from India, you've probably never heard of it, even though it's been around for ten years. It's Google's first social network, and it's going away.

What Is Android L

Learn more about the Android L, the newest version of Android. We don't know what "L" stands for, but I have a guess.

What Is Android TV

Learn more about Android TV and why it's not Google TV anymore.

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