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How to Embed Google Calendar on a Website or Blog


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Customizing the Look
Google Calendar Embedding
Screen Capture
This screen should open in a new window after you click on the customize link.

You can specify the default background color to match your website, the time zone, the language, and the first day of the week. You can set the calendar to default to week or agenda views, which might be useful for something like a cafeteria menu or team project schedule. You can also specify which elements show up on your calendar, like the title, print icon, or navigation buttons.

Most importantly for websites and blogs, you can specify the size. The default size is 800x600 pixels. That is fine for a full size Web page with nothing else on it. If you're adding your calendar to a blog or Web page with other items, you'll need to adjust the size.

Notice that every time you make a change, you see a live preview. The HTML in the upper right corner should change, too. If it does not, press the Update HTML button.

Once you're satisfied with your changes, select and copy the HTML in the upper right corner.

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