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Top Basketball Apps For Android


The NBA is one of the most popular, fast moving sports around. Trying to keep up to date on game scores, player and team news while away from your computer or television is made much easier with the use of a few of the top NBA apps for your Android device.

1. NBA Game Time

NBA Game Time
National Basketball Association

One of my favorite NBA apps and the most popular NBA focused all in the Market is the NBA Game Time app from the developers at NBA Digital. This app gives you up to date scoring information on all the NBA games, as well as NBA news, team and player news and access to all the stats and standings you could ever ask for.

This app is free, but you can update to NBA Game Time Plus for $4.99 in the Android Market. This upgrade removes all the ads from the app as well as giving you the ability to listen to radio broadcasts and watch your team and game highlights.

If you love the NBA, then either one of these app versions is a must download.


2. NBA News Center

Screenshot of NBA News App
Image courtesy of the Android Market

This simple app delivers NBA content directly to your Android device quickly, accurately and freely. This app acts like an RSS feed, in that it scourers the Internet and finds NBA related news, articles, blogs and updates. Installing this app saves the avid NBA fan hours of searching for news and delivers everything right to your device.

Whether you want league news, stats, standings, favorite team information, player news or just want to check scores, this simple app has it all. The interface is clean and simple to use.

Long press on any player or team and they will automatically be saved as your favorites. Then, access the Favorites tab for news and information only directly related to your identified favorites.

3. Yahoo! Live Scores

Screenshot of the Live Scores Desktop Widgets
Image courtesy of the Android Market

Though Yahoo! may be losing the Internet battle against Google, Yahoo! continues to outshine the pack when it comes to their coverage of sports. Though not dedicated to just the NBA, Live Scores provides the most accurate and update scores for all major sports. Its coverage of the NBA, where scores change more frequently than in any other major sport, is flawless. 

I've tested this app's ability to provide up to the minute scoring information while watching the Nick's play on television. Though there was some understandable delay, Live Scores amazed me at how quickly it updated the scores of the game I was watching.

If you are looking just for scoring updates, this app and its widget has to be installed on your Android device.

4. WNBA Center Court

Though the NBA is more popular, true basketball fans are also fans of the WNBA as well. This highly rated app is focused to delivering news, stats, standings and scores from around the WNBA league.

What makes this app so popular is not only its dedicated WNBA content, but its fantastic graphics and layout. It is easy to navigate your way around and the addition of player photos makes a great added touch.

No longer do WNBA fans have to get league updates and information by searching the Internet; this app delivers all the content and information you need.

Highly recommended for fans of the WNBA

5. National Basketball News

By far, this app is the best at delivering NBA news directly to your Android device. Not only can you get all the NBA news that you could ever possibly want, but you can also watch game highlights, news conferences, get standings and stats updates, follow your favorite team and get scoring updates.

Every app in this list is a great app and each has their own specialty. While each app seems to provide a lot of the same content, the National Basketball News apps is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to getting news about the NBA. That is the apps focus and that is why this app made the list. 

While its scoring updates, stats and standings are solid, I use this app for one purpose: Getting NBA news delivered right to my phone!

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