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ShopSavvy App for Android Phones by Big in Japan

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The Bottom Line

If you only download one app on your Android phone, it should be ShopSavvy. If you want to convince someone else to buy an Android phone, show them ShopSavvy. It's one of the most powerful shopping tools that could fit in your pocket.


  • Comparison shops locally and on Web
  • Scans bar codes
  • Wish lists and price alerts
  • Remembers search history
  • Share deals with friends


  • Scanning is slow in low lighting
  • Cannot find groceries, small local stores
  • Some products are simply not in the database
  • Can't scan nonstandard bar codes, such as those used by Borders
  • Local results often limited


  • ShopSavvy is a free download from the Android Market
  • Runs on Android-powered phones, such as the T-Mobile G1
  • Available in the USA and Europe
  • Find local and online prices for products
  • See user reviews of items
  • Save items to your wish lists
  • Review your shopping history
  • Get price alerts when prices drop
  • Turn the "beep" when scanning bar codes on or off
  • Send emails, Facebook messages, or tweets when you find a deal

Guide Review - ShopSavvy App for Android Phones by Big in Japan

Formerly known as GoCart, ShopSavvy was a prize winner in Google's Android Developer's Challenge. The tool remains one of the most developed apps in the Android Market.

ShopSavvy is a comparison shopping tool. You can find items by either typing them on your phone keyboard or using the camera to scan the bar code.

Once you've found a product, ShopSavvy tells you the cheapest local or online price. For local products, you can get map directions, visit their website, or call the store. For online products, you can visit their website or share the product using Facebook or Twitter.

You can also set ShopSavvy to automatically share your scans with Twitter, but this gets very spammy very fast and is a feature I'd recommend leaving off.

In addition to finding the best price on items, you can compare user reviews, add it to your wish list, or set a price alert to let you know when it drops below a certain price. I've found this particularly handy for things like games and movies that you don't need to own in a hurry.

ShopSavvy also keeps a history of items you've scanned, so if you want to remember the name of that camera you looked at the other day, you can just refer to your product history.

What Doesn't Work

ShopSavvy's bar code scanner relies on the product having a bar code and you being able to hold your phone still enough for the camera to capture that bar code. In dim lighting, it's very frustrating to get the bar code to scan at all.

ShopSavvy also fails when it comes to finding local produce or other grocery items, and it won't find every local merchant. This is simply information not available online. Local results were often missing several stores.
That said, there isn't another app I'd rather have on my G1.

ShopSavvy is a free download for Android phones and can be downloaded directly on your phone from the Android Market.

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