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Is TinyURL Good for PageRank?


Question: Is TinyURL Good for PageRank?
TinyURL is one of many URL shortening services which let users substitute a smaller URL that redirects to the long URL. Services like Twitter take advantage of TinyURL to save space, and other users find it convenient to use in place of a really long Web address. Does this affect PageRank? Can you still leverage the power of backlinks if they've been shortened?
Answer: The good news is that TinyURL and most other URL shortening services use a "301 redirect," to forward users to the full URL. This type of redirect tells browsers and search engines that they should permanently redirect to the new site, and the PageRank of the URL is transferred just fine.

Twitter, however, uses a nofollow tag to prevent spamming. This means Google will not follow Twitter links or transfer any PageRank no matter what kind of URL they use.

There are plenty of other reasons not to make a habit of using TinyURLs. Because they do not list the true URL, TinyURLs can be used by spammers and trolls to link to unexpected sites. Using a TinyURL also robs you of an opportunity to use quality anchor text. However, if other people are using TinyURLs to link to your site, don't worry. You still get the PageRank credit for it.

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