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Google Sources for 2008 US Presidential Election Coverage


Here are places to find information from Google on the 2008 US presidential election, from videos to news stories. Google also combined some of these sources into mashups that contain information from several places at once.

Obviously, the election is over, so many of these services have shut down.

Election 2008 Gadget

This is a Google Gadget for iGoogle that includes information to track candidates on Google Maps, YouTube videos, Google News, and blog coverage of candidates.

  • Review of Google's Blog Tool, Blogger

Election Tools for Educators

This site was designed for teachers, but it provides links to tools anyone can use. Teachers, parents, friends, and voters of all ages could learn a thing or two.

Election Tools for Mobile Phones

Want to stay up to date on your cell phone? Google has set up a mobile friendly website with links to Google News items, Google Maps, and instant search for McCain or Obama.

Elections '08 Map Gallery

This was a collection of Google Maps mashups. You could find maps of electoral college votes, campaign trails, videos, party headquarters, and more.

GAuidi - Google Audio Indexing

Google Audio Indexing - GAudi
Screen Capture

GAudi, short for Google Audio Indexing, was a Google Labs project that lets you search through videos by analyzing the audio content with speech to text technology. You can search globally or search within a single video. For the election, it was loaded with political videos. The link appears to be broken now, so the tool may have been discontinued as speech to text was made more available within YouTube searches.

Google 2008 US Election Page

This is a central page from Google that provides links to a wide variety of information on both Obama and McCain. It's probably the best starting point for anyone looking for election coverage from Google.

There are links to official campaign websites, blog and news stories, pictures, YouTube videos and more. You can add part of this page to your iGoogle page as a Google Gadget. There's also a link to similar information on the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Google News Election 2008 Section

This is a special section of Google News. You can add this section to your default Google News page to follow election news as it happens, or you can read the news feed in Google reader.

In Quotes

Google Labs In Quotes
Screen Capture

In Quotes was a Google Labs experiment that lets you compare quotes from stories linked in Google News. It died with Google Labs.


Power Readers in Politics

In Google Reader, you can make a public feed of shared items. Google created the Power Readers feed by combining the public feeds of the Obama and McCain campaigns along with several political journalists.

These are the articles that they've felt were important to share. You can read feeds from one or all of these sources, and the site itself is a feed, so you can use Google Reader or any other feed reader to subscribe to it.

YouTube You Choose '08

This election year, YouTube has become increasingly influential. Even unlikely candidates have launched their own YouTube channel. YouTube You Choose 08 is an area for extended election coverage.

You can view official videos from the candidates and clips from news and television appearances. YouTube isn't just about watching videos. Upload your own video, make comments, or see what other users have contributed.

Videos are organized by candidate and issue, and video responses and text comments are listed below each video, both good and bad. You can also review videos from the two YouTube sponsored debates that were held during the primaries

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