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What is Google Blogger?

What is Blogger?

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Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs. It can be found on the web at http://www.blogger.com.

Blogs, short for web-logs, are a form of online journal.

Getting Started With Blogger

You can use blogs for everything from updating your friends and family about your life, giving your own advice column, discussing your political views, or relating your experience in a topic of interest. You can host blogs with multiple contributors, or you can run your own solo show. You can even use Blogger to make your own podcast feeds.

Although there are fancier blog tools out there, the mixture of cost (free) and flexibility makes Blogger one of the best deals around.

Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up a Blogger account takes three easy steps. Create an account, name your blog, and choose a template. You can host multiple blogs with the same account name, so you only need to do that part once. This way you could separate your professional blog about your business from your personal blog about dogs, for instance.

Hosting Your Blog

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Blogger will host your blog for free on blogspot.com. You can also use Blogger to automatically ftp your blog posts to your own web space. Make sure you have the correct server settings from your internet service provider, otherwise you may have unpredictable results.


Once your blog is set up, Blogger has a basic WYSIWYG editor. (What you see is what you get) This is not necessarily a bad thing. Most blogging tools do not have robust html editors, and the ones that do often require java or other plug-ins.

If you need more formatting options and a larger window, you can use Google Docs to post to your Blogger blog. You could also do advanced editing with HTML. Blogger has an HTML tab to let you do this directly, although it does not allow JavaScript.

Email Your Posts

You can optionally configure Blogger with a secret email address, so you can email your posts to your blog. This is handy for making updates on the fly or updating from your cell phone or other mobile device.


Blogger will let you upload pictures from your desktop and post them to your blog. You can choose the basic layout and size of your images, and they’ll be uploaded to Bloggers’s server space, so you don’t have to host the pictures on a different website.

That doesn't mean you can't post with pictures that you've hosted elsewhere on the Web. You can also use Picasa Web Albums to post pictures to your blog.

Google Video and YouTube videos can similarly be directly linked into your blog posts.

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Google Ad Words, Member Holidayshopping

I would just like to share my poor experience with google ad words. I contacted them last April to set up an advertising campaign. They did this for me. In Oct we decided to review our business future and I telephoned google ad words customer services to pause it. I was told my account handler was not available but not to worry I could pause it myself! I did this. 3 months later google keep taking my payments stating ""I had control over my account and it was set up to run daily so the day following the pause it continued to run. I have complained but they are stating I was in control! What a joke when you set up the account they tell you they are there for support where are they now. This is just a stark warning for any small businesses thinking of embarking on a google Adwords campaign, think carefully, read small print and if in doubt avoid like the plague because you will get your fingers burnt and it did not prove effective for my business.

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