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Why Should I Care to Use Google?


Why Should I Care to Use Google?
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Google provides a lot of tools and services. As of this writing, Google's search engine is the world's largest web search engine, as well as the world's most popular. Google is one of the top five most popular websites in the world. Why is that? Why are they so popular and why should you use them too?

Google's Search Engine.

Google's search engine was Google's first product and continues to be the company's most popular product. Google web searches provide relevant results quickly. Google uses a secret algorithm to rank results of their keyword searches. PageRank is a component of this algorithm.

Google's search interface is clean and uncluttered. Ads are clearly marked as ads and are not animated or distracting. Since the ads are placed according to the keywords on the surrounding page, often the ads are actually useful links in and of themselves, especially when searching for products. This style of contextual ads has been copied by competitors.

Google's main search engine is spectacular. It not only can find relevant web pages, you can use it to translate web pages in foreign languages. You can also view the image Google has cached in their search engine database with your keywords highlighted. This makes finding the important part of a web page easy.

More Than Searching

Google offers more than searching. Google's non-search products are not always the largest or most popular, perhaps because Google refuses to clutter their search engine with buttons for every product they offer. The announcement that they've developed a new one still sends the competition running. Nearly all of their products and services are free, so finding a new one is like discovering a hidden treasure.

Google Blogger lets you make your own blog. You can also send and receive email from Gmail, or socially network with Orkut. Google Spreadsheets lets you create and maintain spreadsheets on the web that can be edited by more than one person.

Google Picasa lets you organize your photo album, and Hello lets you share your photos with friends. Google Earth lets you virtually visit any location on the planet.

Get Mobile

Google Mobile services let you use the convenience of Google searching on your cell phone, while Dodgeball lets you use your cell phone to network with your friends.

Get Personal

Google Personalized Home lets you create your own Google search experience with as many or as few tools as you'd like. Google News lets you customize your news experience, and other Google services customize the service for you, based on your location.

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