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How to Upload Pictures From Picasa to Picasa Web Albums


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Google folded Picasa functions into Google+. This article describes a historical process. You'd now just use Google+. 


Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Depending on your Internet connection, this should take less than five minutes.

Here's How:

  1. Open Picasa and select any photo or photos you'd like to upload to Picasa Web Albums.
  2. Click on the Picasa Web Albums button in Picasa, on the bottom of the screen.
  3. A dialog box will appear. You can use this to specify the picture settings and location. The top of the dialog box asks you if you'd like to upload your photos to an existing album, or if you'd like to create a new album. If this is your first time uploading files, select Create a new web album.
  4. The next section of the dialog box asks you to give your album a title. If you're uploading to an existing album, you'd select it. Otherwise, specify a new name. The default name is "Picture."
  5. Give your pictures a description, such as "Holiday Dinner at the Smiths." The description applies to all the photos you're uploading, so it should be fairly general, unless you're only uploading one picture at a time. This is optional, and you can change this later in Picasa Web Albums.
  6. Fill out a place where the photos were taken. This is also optional, but if you've ever tried to sort through a shoe box of family photos, you know why it might be a good idea to keep track of this.
  7. Choose an upload setting. You can specify one of three settings, "Optimized Large," medium, and largest file.

    Use the largest file size if you want other people to be able to print your photos, and you're not worried about storage space. Use the medium size if you have very little space.

    In most cases, however, you should leave this at the default, Optimized Large. This gives you a nice, large image without taking up too much file space.

  8. Set your visibility. Choose Public for any photos you want to make visible to everyone and Unlisted for photos you only want to share with selected people.

    Keep in mind that unlisted photos are not password protected, so don't upload any photos you would regret if they were discovered.

  9. If you are running out of storage space, you can press the Upgrade Storage button and pay $25 per year for extra space. However, in most cases you should just skip this. Google lets you know how much space you have left right next to this button.
  10. Once you've filled out the dialog box, press OK. Picasa will show you a progress bar and let you know when your photos have been uploaded. You'll also receive an alert if there are any problems uploading your pictures.
  11. To see your completed album, go to picasaweb.google.com, and log in to your Google Account.

What You Need:

  • You must have an account with Picasa Web Albums
  • You must have Picasa installed on your computer.
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