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Readers Respond: Best Android Apps

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From the article: Android Cupcake
One of the things Android boasts is less restrictions on phone app. They still don't have as many apps as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean Android doesn't have some real goodies. What's your favorite Android app?

Mine is ShopSavvy, but I'm also a fan of Jewellust and Toddler Lock.

Best Android Application for Shopping

This is the best android application for shopping . The best feature is , we can even get rewarded for Window Shopping . Link : www.mintmapp.com/app
—Guest Gopala Krishnan

21 Ice Clues

This game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JustKiddingStudios.TwentyOneIceClues&ref=nf It's a fun word puzzle game that can be played for seconds at a time whenever you've gotta wait in line and the like. Great for brushing up on your vocabulary!
—Guest Dittin


It's a game where you are a tank in a maze and various enemies want to kill you, but you kill then first. Old Style graphics but very fun and hard to beat. I really like the sound when you shoot a ground troop- it amuses me.
—Guest Richard

A verse a day, every day.

Listen to what Jesus has to say, every day. It's the 'Words of Jesus' by Roboticode. That is one of the best free apps on the Android market.
—Guest Patrick

Best Android Apps

Definitely it's Christmas Carol by Fraga Games ! The modern the modern Cheat Sheet: The lyrics of all famous Christmas Carols in one single app. Download and Sing it Loud !
—Guest MagDroiDic

Shazam - Wave Secure - Life360

Shazam to id Music! So great. Wave secure keeps my phone backed up and secure. If my phone is stolen I can track it with Wave Secure. Life 360 is a family tracker. Rocks.
—Guest nmhearon

Best Android App

ChompSMS for texting. Get the iphone look with text bubbles.
—Guest Lmari

Toddler Lock

I have a three year old. I can let him play on the phone without worrying that he'll mess it up.
—Guest Elizabeth


ShopSavvy is the best app ever! I can scan barcodes when I go shopping. I always show it off when I show people my phone.
—Guest AndroidLover

Best Android Apps

Some of my favourites are World Tour, Calorie Counter, Sporty Pal and Robtoic Guitarist! But I could go on - there's tonnes! I love the Lolcats widget, and Android Fortune, too.
—Guest spivsteritis
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