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Readers Respond: Top Uses for Gmail

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Gmail is an amazingly feature rich email service, especially considering the price. Every time I talk to someone about Gmail, they tell me a different way to use it. So how do you use Gmail? Is it your business contact? Do you use Gmail to transfer files, filter your other email, video conference, or do you put it to some other use?

Sharing with Google Docs

Google Docs is free and allows you to collaborate with others using "sharing". Example: when our crew team has to renew all the forms and the roster each year it used to be a huge pain to send around all the revisions by email every other day. Now with Google Docs the team leadership can all go to the 'cloud' where the latest version is stored. We can each update or print or whatever, from wherever - it's great!

I love Gmail!

I use Gmail for all my mail needs and also igoogle and Blogger. Google Chrome is my default browser and it never lets me down. Far better than IE and Firefox and it is free.
—Guest Terri

Run Many Emails From One Account

Bek Wrote: "I have five different addresses that I use for work, for Facebook, and for various other sites. I've connected them all together, so I can send and receive emails for all five from my primary account. It is also set on default to send a message from the same email address that received it. It's made life very easy." Bek how did u activate this function? i need it too!!
—Guest helen

Searching Particular Mail in Inbox

Write the sender name in search mail, who sent the mail you are searching. After that, just click enter. You'll see mail in the inbox related to those.

Google Email Reminders

I love Google too, but this feature quit working a few months ago and a great feature is now gone. I hope they are working on it.

User Friendly Gmail

Gmail is one of the best systems for checking mail. It is user friendly. Everyone can use this email. The best part is that it saves time by being easy to use. I like it very much.
—Guest arunkumar

Best Mail Ever - But Still More Irony

The thing Google does best is search. The thing they do second best is mail. The hilarious thing is that they are the single worst provider in the world of email Search capability. Have you ever tried searching your inbox in Gmail? The algorithm was written by a 14 year old, and I don't mean a prodigy.
—Guest Benny

Mom, I'm Here

I mainly use Gmail to tell my parents where I am if there is Internet availability like WiFi or Ethernet. But I receive updates through Gmail on products and companies.
—Guest Renault

Gmail Is Everything!

I live in my Gmail. It's pretty, it's easy, it's free. I love the Ninja theme! I've tied all my email accounts to Gmail which makes life much easier. I can access it from anywhere. The built in chat (as well as GTalk app) is my staple form of communication. Attachments and downloads are so easy! Searching through emails and messages is fast and accurate when in a hurry! The spam filters are amazing - It works flawlessly. The built-in virus-check has never failed me. I always email myself a copy of my important projects or presentations in case my other modes fail. Gmail's storage has saved me many times when flash disks fail, get lost, my bag gets stolen, etc. Gmail saved my Thesis! I love the labels, I love the built in-video chat. But what I love MOST about Gmail is how it groups emails into conversations. I am a true Gmail disciple. Nothing else compares! The -only- thing I miss is the "Trash" being re-named to the "Bin". Thank you Gmail team for an amazing, life-changing program!
—Guest Ani

Firefox Issues

Gmail is always crashing in Firefox, which makes it useless.
—Guest sandy

Love It!

The label and archive features are handy, and the built-in instant message service, though sometimes a bit "iffy" in its connection, is really convenient. I can't stand using Hotmail anymore. Go Gmail!
—Guest Nicole

Writing in Optional Translate Language

It has been a wonderful experience being able to compose in my mother tongue Tamil in the Google Compose mail page but some of my friends claim that this option is not available in the settings page of their Gmail page. Wonder why it is so. There is no "Newer Version" button available for clicking as well in their Google mail page. My friends have to resort to Google translate website and copy and paste in Gmail compose page which is not only tedious but sometimes waste of time when it is not able to save as the Google mail page does.
—Guest K.S.Krishnamoorthy


Gmail is really simple to use. It's just your average email system that you can chat to other people with if they also have Gmail. You can share your photos and make a profile so its considerably also like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter! Hope this answers your question.
—Guest brenna noltner

Folders in Gmail

You can pretty much fake folder behavior in Gmail! These days, you can "Move To" a label rather than having to label-then-archive. If you want things to auto-file to folders, simply use these two settings in a filter: "Skip the Inbox" and "Apply Label". Boom, new mail delivery right to your "folder."
—Guest Art

Google Docs Is Amazing

Gmail helps me open docs without having MS Office And also, unlike Yahoo!, I need not download any attachment like a mp3 or pic to listen or see it. I can directly hear it or see the pic in browser which is awesome. Yahoo! asks to download instead.
—Guest mithun

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