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Can You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?


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Question: Can You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?
I'm making YouTube videos of my family and videos of my foul-mouthed stand up comedy routines. How can I keep these videos separate? I want to make two channels, but I can't see a way to do this with my YouTube account. Can I have more than one YouTube channel?
Answer: You can have as many YouTube channels as you'd like. Unfortunately, you have to have a separate YouTube account for each and every one of them.

In Blogger you can have multiple blogs attached to the same Blogger user ID. Each blog is a separate entity, and you can decide whether or not to publicize the blogs attached to your Blogger ID in your profile.

YouTube does not work that way. You can create separate playlists and groups, but neither of those solutions will keep family videos truly separated from comedy routines or your work videos separate from your ABBA fan club videos.

If you're maintaining multiple YouTube accounts that are tied to Google accounts, you need to remember to log out or it could cause confusion with Gmail and other Google services.

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