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YouTube Tips and Tricks

YouTube is an extremely popular video sharing site. Not only can you view and embed videos, you can participate in a community of "vloggers" or video bloggers. Here are some tips and tricks for YouTube.

How to Share, Embed, and Link YouTube Videos
Ok, YouTube has changed a few things around, but you can still embed your favorite YouTube videos in your favorite sites

How to Annotate a YouTube Video
Annotations are an easy way to add additional information to your YouTube video, such as links, subtitles, promotions for your other videos, or corrections and updates. You can easily add annotations to your videos by clicking and typing.

YouTube for Mobile
YouTube for Mobile lets you view and upload YouTube videos from compatible cell phones.

Can You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?
Can you make more than one YouTube channel?

What Is YouTube - Overview of the Google Video Sharing Tool
YouTube is an incredibly popular Internet destination. Learn more about this video hosting and sharing service.

Case to Watch: Viacom Sues Google YouTube
Viacom announced they were suing Google over alleged copyright infringement on the Google owned YouTube video hosting site.

Moveon and Brave New Films Sue Viacom Over YouTube Takedown Notice
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Brave New Films, and Moveon.organnounced that they were suing Viacom for requesting the removal of a video they did not feel was infringing on Viacom's copyright.

Do YouTube Videos Look Good on a Large Screen?
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see.

What Are the CNN YouTube Presidential Debates?
CNN and YouTube agreed to host two debates for the US presidential elections of 2008. The debates were broadcast on CNN with questions that were submitted by users on YouTube.

How to Flip a YouTube Page
Here's an undocumented YouTube coding trick from the 2009 April Fool's Day jokes. It's simple and funny. However, as an undocumented feature, it could stop working at any time.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Type
Everyone starts out YouTube with a basic "YouTuber" channel type. It doesn't have to stay that way. Once you've uploaded a video, you can change your channel type to better reflect the type of videos you create.

How to Add a YouTube Channel Background Image
One way to make a slick, professional looking YouTube Channel is to add your own background image.

How Do You Link to a Specific Part of a YouTube Video?
I really want to show someone part of a YouTube video, but I don't want them to have to sit through eight minutes of the boring parts. How do I just link to the part I want them to see?

How to Embed YouTube Videos With Custom Settings
Here's how you can really make a YouTube video blend with your blog or website, even if you didn't create it. Embed the video with a colorful custom border. It's easy.

How to Find out Who Is Watching Your YouTube Videos
Wouldn't it be helpful to know who is watching your uploaded YouTube videos? Well, you can't find out specific names, but you can get a lot of very helpful demographic information.

How to Legally Add Copyrighted Music to Your YouTube Video
Here is an easy way to make your own music video or give your YouTube video a soundtrack. It's easy, legal, and free.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Blog
YouTube has all sorts of interesting, funny, silly, and provocative content. One of the most appealing things about YouTube is how easy it is to share this content with others. You can easily embed any video on YouTube into your own blog. Here's how you do it.

Best YouTube Videos for Kids
Here is a list of some of the best family friendly viewing on YouTube.

YouTube's Five Year Anniversary Channel
In May 2010, Google celebrated five years of YouTube.

Best of Blogger 2010 Reader's Choice Award

What Is the Best Blog on Blogger?
2010 Reader's Choice Awards

Reader's Choice Awards

What's the Best YouTube Channel?

Best YouTube Video - Reader's Choice 2010
What video stood apart in 2009? Did it break guitars or behave unexpectedly during weddings? Was it informative and presidential or was it silly and fun? This category is for the best single viral video on YouTube.

What's the Best YouTube Video of the Year?
Nominate the best YouTube video of 2009 for the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards

How to Post a YouTube Video on Pinterest
Did you know you could pin videos on Pinterest? It's true!

YouTube Codes to Fix Common Video Problems
You can fix common video aspect ratio problems without uploading your video again.

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