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How to Add Tasks to Gmail


Gmail To-Do List
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If you're like me and would rather have your tasks and your email in the same area, you can do so in Gmail.

Using Tasks in Gmail

Log into your Gmail account from the Web. Tasks started out in Gmail Labs, but they're now an integrated part of Gmail.
Tasks appear as a link underneath Contacts on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the link and it will open a simple to-do list. Add new tasks by clicking the blank spot at the bottom of the list and typing. Type in a date at the beginning of your task to schedule a due date.

You can also create a task directly from an email item. Open a mail message and click on the More actions drop box. Select Add to Tasks.

Reorder Your List

Reorder your tasks by clicking and dragging on the little area to the left of the check-box on an item.

Multiple Lists

If you want to keep track of work tasks and home tasks or tasks within separate projects, you can create multiple task lists. You do this by clicking on the small arrow on the lower right corner of your task window and selecting New List.

Pop Out Window

Click on the diagonal arrow on the upper right side of your task window, and the task window will open up in a new window. This is very handy if you need to keep track of your tasks when you open a new Web browser tab.

Edit Details

Sometimes you need more details on a task. Hover your mouse above a list item. Click on the tiny arrow that appears to the right of a task. This will let you give the task a due date and enter a note with more details about what you need to do.

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