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Learn about Google tools to help you do real research, work with teams, and write documents.
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How to Filter Gmail Messages
Make your Gmail inbox more organized by adding automatic filters to your messages as they arrive.

Can You Find and Replace Words in Google Docs?
Your paper is due tomorrow, and you just realized you've misspelled a name you've used countless times. What do you do? You find and replace the word.

How to Check for Updates on Your Android Phone
If you read gadget blogs you might hear news about an updated version of Android, or you might here reference to "Build RC__" and wonder what they're talking about and how you find out what yours is.

How to Embed Google Calendar on a Website or Blog
Does your club, band, team, company, or family website need a professional looking calendar? Why not use the free and easy Google Calendar. You can share responsibility for editing events and embed your live calendar on your website to let everyone know about upcoming events.

How to Add Tasks to Gmail
If you're like me and would rather have your tasks and your email in the same area, now there's a way to do it in Gmail.

How to Make Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes in Google Docs
Want to find out what your coworkers want for lunch? Need to get feedback for your training session? Want to find out which movie your friends want to see on Saturday? Use Google Forms.

Improve Your Effeciency - Subscribe to News Feeds Using Google Reader
If you find yourself searching for the same keywords in Google News, you can save some time by just adding it to Google Reader.

T-Mobile G1 With Google
Here's a look at the new T-Mobile G1 With Google. This phone is the first Android-powered phone to hit the market. It will be in limited T-Mobile stores in the US on October 22. It will sell for $179 with a two year voice and data contract. It should be available in the UK in November and Europe in 2009.

What Is Google Apps Team Edition and How Can I Use It?
Google Apps Team Edition is a way to use Google Apps without having your domain hosted by Google.

Google Gadgets for Productivity
Want to get more done with less effort? Set your Web browser's default home page to iGoogle and add some Google Gadgets. Here are a few favorites to work smarter.

Review of Google Calendar - Internet Organization Was Never Easier
Google Calendar is a free Internet calendar that lets you keep track of your own events and share your calendars with others. It's the ideal tool for managing personal and professional schedules. It is both simple to use and very powerful.

How to Share and Collaborate With Google Docs & Spreadsheets
You've uploaded a word processing file or a spreadsheet to Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Now what? Here's how you can share that document with others and get started collaborating.

Google Desk Reference Tools
Is your desk crowded with a dictionary, phone book, and atlas? You can throw out all of your heaviest reference books and stop calling your local library. Use the power of Google to find up-to-date answers to your reference questions in a hurry.

Review of the Internet Word Processor in Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Docs & Spreadsheets is Google's new online word processing and spreadsheet application. This is a review of the Docs half of the equation. Docs has huge potential, and it may be an incredible boon to anyone who collaborates on writing, works from multiple computers, or just doesn't want to shell out the money for Microsoft Office.

A Peek at Google Spreadsheets
Google Spreadsheets is a Google Labs project. That means it’s in the early stages of development, and it may or may not be developed further. That said, Google Spreadsheets has the potential to be extremely useful for anyone with the need to deal with spreadsheets in a group setting.

How to Use Google's Hidden Calculator
Not only can you search the Web with Google, you can use it as a calculator. Google's calculator is more than an ordinary number cruncher. It can calculate both basic and advanced math problems, and it can convert measurements as it calculates. Google's calculator isn't completely documented, so it may take some experimenting to find all of the hidden features.

Feedly - a Google Reader Alternative
We're all sad that Google Reader is going away, but that doesn't mean we can't find something new.

Get the News from Google
Google News is a custom Internet newspaper with articles from 4,500 different news sources and the search functions of Google.

How to Use Google as a Dictionary
You may have noticed that occasionally, Google searches will offer a link to a definition for your search term. You can actually search for word definitions at any time. Learn how to unlock the hidden dictionary in Google with this power searching tip.

How to Make a Personal Edition of Google News
Google News can be customized to display as many or as few news headlines as you'd like. You can rearrange where news topics are displayed, and you can even make your own custom news channels. Learn how to make your own personal edition of Google News.

Google Desktop Reviewed
One of the most irritating things about Windows is the extremely slow and inefficient search function. Imagine being able to run a Google search for items on your computer and getting results in a fraction of a second. With Google Desktop, you can do just that.

What's So Great About Gmail?
"What's so great about Gmail?" This is the first question a lot of people ask when they’re offered an invite to Gmail. Turns out, there’s quite a lot of great things about Gmail. For a free email service, it may even be the best one out there.

The Google Suite of Applications
Android smartphones come with several Google apps. Read about a few of the best Google Android apps for your smartphone.

How to Read Free Ebooks on Google Books
Google Books is probably the most convenient source of legal free eBooks. You can read them on many devices.

Before You Buy a Motorola Xoom
Motorola's new Android 3 Honeycomb tablet is the first Honeycomb tablet on the market. Before you pre-order, you should know a few things.

A Google by any Other Name
It's common practice for products to have code names that differ from the product release name, but Google has some unusual names for theirs. Read all about it.

How to Share a Folder of Google Docs
Here's how to easily share a group of documents with a group of collaborators.

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