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Top Android NHL Hockey Apps


Whether it's the regular season or the playoffs, if you can't get enough of the NHL, a quick visit to the Android Market will provide you several apps to both keep you informed and entertained.

This article will review my personal favorite Android hockey apps as I follow my personally favorite team, the New York Rangers, all the way to the Stanley Cup. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

Whatever your team, follow the action on your Android.


1. NHL Game Center

NHL Gamecenter

Every major sport has at least one premier app that give fans news, updates and highlights. For the NHL, that app is the NHL Game Center. Focused exclusively to the NHL, this app provides hockey news, scores, updates and all the stats and team information you could ask for.

There are three versions. The free version provides the essential information every hockey fan needs. The Premium version ($9.99) gives game radio broadcasts, condensed games and game highlights in video format. The Live version ($39.99) gives you everything the others do but also allows you to watch live hockey games right on your Android device.

Depending on your budget and your love of hockey, one of these versions is a must download.

2. NHL News Feed

Screenshot of NHL News Feed
Image courtesy of the Android Market

If you just need a steady stream of NHL news, then the free NHL News Feed app may be all you need. Really nothing more than a news feeder, this app is a convenient way to keep up to date with all things hockey.

NHL News Feed also provides scoring updates though I found the updates are often slow and inconsistent. Still, considering that this news streamer is a free app (ad supported,) it is certainly worth the memory space on your Android device. 


3. The Hockey News

ScreenShot of The Hockey News
Image courtesy of the Android Market

Very few apps provide hockey news as well as The Hockey News app. This free app (ad supported) is a reliable and steady stream of hockey news. Being a big hockey fan, I use more than a few hockey related apps. I've found that The Hockey News often gets news and updates more quickly than some of my other hockey apps.

The scoring updates are a bit slower than what the Game Center app provides but are accurate and timely enough.

All in all, this is one of my most frequently used Android apps.

4. Hockey Nations 2010

Screenshot of Hockey Nation 2010
Image courtesy of the Android Market

Though there are many air hockey games available for Android devices, there are only a few simulated hockey games that are worth a mention. Hockey Nations 2010 is one of them. Using touch-screen controls, Hockey Nation puts you in the action on one of 14 international hockey teams. 

The play is a bit choppy and the controls take a bit to master, but overall, the game play is fun, enjoyable and gives me a hockey fix when needed.

The app costs $4.99 and plays and looks much better on bigger screened devices. If you have a Droid X or any Android phone with a 4 inch or bigger display, Hockey Nation 2010 is a solid game. 

5. Hockey Sounds

The nearest NHL team is over three hours from where I live, but with the Hockey Sounds app installed, I can hear the beautiful and sweet sound of the Ranger's goal horn any time I want. 

You can set the sound as your default ringer, for a particular contact, or use it as an alarm for calendar items or to wake up in the morning.

The app is small in size but the sounds are clean and well recorded. And if your team is having trouble finding the net, launching this app may just provide them the inspiration they need.

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