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Top Android Baseball Apps


As the Major League Baseball Spring Season begins and the regular season draws closer, it's time to visit the Android Market and find out what developers have available for us baseball fans.

If you're a baseball fan, then you owe it to yourself to try out some of these apps. And if you are a gamer, the Android Market has you covered as well.


1. MLB At Bat 11

MLB At Bat 11

No matter what your favorite team is, MLB At Bat 11 will give you all the news and stats you crave. And when you can't be around your tv or radio, MLB AT Bat 11 gives you the ability to listen to the broadcast of the game, wherever you can get Wi-Fi or cellular network access.

The earlier you buy this app, which costs $14.99, the more coverage you get. From pre-season right through the post season, MLB At Bat is the baseball lovers dream app.

The free version gives you updates and news about your favorite team as well as important news about the entire MLB but lacks several features, such as the ability to listen to live broadcasts.

Though pricey, baseball fanatics should find it well worth their investment. 

2. The Show '11

Screenshot of The Show '11
Image courtesy of the Android Market

For those baseball fans that just can't afford the price of MLB At Bat, The Show '11 fits in nicely. And with it's $.99 price tag, it fits in well into most budgets.

The Show '11 lets you follow your favorite team, giving you timely updates, news and stats, from Spring Season right through the World Series. And with its in-game progress updates, you can follow your team wherever you are.

Though not as robust as At Bat, The Show is a solid app that delivers. It also comes with a desktop widget for quick access to news, stats and information about your favorite team and the entire MLB league.

3. Baseball Superstars

Screenshot of Baseball Superstars
Image courtesy of the Android Market

As one of the most popular and highest rated baseball apps in the Android Market, Baseball Superstars has delivered a realistic baseball experience to thousands of Android smartphone owners.

At $4.99, Baseball Superstars has been praised by critics and gamers alike and holds a very solid rating in the Android Market. For those who'd rather "try before they buy," the developers offer a free version that has most of the features and all of the playability of the full version. 

With the full version, choose between 10 teams, 4 stadiums and 5 different game modes. My favorite is the home run derby. This game mode is also included with the free version. 

If you are a baseball fan and enjoy a solid baseball game, give this one a try.

4. FanPower Wallpaper

Though the provided link only takes you to the wallpaper app for the New York Yankees, the developers have wallpaper for other MLB teams. Though I am not sure why anyone would want to decorate their Android screens with any other team images than the Yankees, I have heard rumors of fans of other teams.

The wallpaper images are of high quality and include both team logo images and images of several players.

Nothing personalizes your Android phone as well as does custom wallpapers. So show your team pride with FanPower Wallpaper.

5. Home Run Battle 3D

Think you can hit the long ball? Then take your skills on-line and challenge players from all over the Android world with Home Run Battle 3D. This free app (ad supported) pits you against either your best scores or against other players via Wi-Fi or your cellular network.

The app has had some minor bugs but the developers are timely with updates and the game is as solid as it is fun.

Unless your Android is rooted, it will only install onto your phone's internal memory. And since it takes around 17 megabytes of storage, make sure you have enough free space before installing and running this game.

6. Joel's Baseball Trivia

Joel "Big Dogg" Radwanski hosts a popular baseball talk show. His app tests your baseball knowledge with trivia questions ranging from the beginning of baseball right up to current day. Depending on your baseball knowledge, you may find these trivia questions either too challenging or too easy. But for the average baseball fan, the questions are challenging enough to make you scratch your head, as well as give you many questions to test your friends baseball knowledge.

The app is simple as are the graphics, but performs well on both my Droid and Incredible. 


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