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Studio Proper Wallee M Review


Wallee M Mount
Image courtesy Studio Proper

I usually don't review a lot of phone cases and mounts, since there are zillions of them out there and most of the variation is in color and style. Studio Proper has a clever twist that turns your case into a mounting system instead of just phone protection and style. They also had a case matching the Galaxy Nexus phone, which is an unexpected surprise. Usually everyone just has cases for iPhones (they've got those, too.)

So here's the deal. You snap on their case, which is a fairly generic black, rubber protective case with a rare earth magnet embedded in the back in an X shape. There are car mounts, desk mounts, or permanent wall mounts that also have the rare earth magnets in the X shape. Once this is done, you can just slap your phone to the wall or car mount without having to fiddle with easily broken prongs or mounting adjustments. Easy peasy. The X shape on both the phone and mount means that there are only two positions where the phone will easily rest - horizontal and vertical.

It's a simple and elegant solution. Put a wall mount in the kitchen to watch movies or look up recipes while you cook. Put a mount in the bedroom to charge your phone without taking up table space. The price of the case is around $30, and mount disks are $12.95 for two. The car mount is $34.95, and a small desktop mount (the Pivot Mini) is $24.95.

To test out the car mount, I actually mounted it on my kitchen window - my car has been in and out of the shop lately. It's been there for a long time, and it's never fallen off or lost suction. There's no motor vibration from my window, so there's potential it wouldn't hold up well in real world conditions. I suspect the biggest problem I've had with car mounts in the past is just that all the fiddling with snaps and releases weakens the grip. That said, you could get one of the adhesive wall mounts and adhere it to your dashboard if you've got the space.

The Wallee M system comes for:

Hopefully their manufacturing can handle other phones in the future, because the weak point really is the case. Not to say it's a weak case. It's just difficult to keep up with a market in which new phones of different shapes and sizes are released all the time, sometimes by companies that are super secret about their final form factor. If that weren't enough, it's also difficult to offer any variations in color or style when the available phones change so quickly. Their choice of simple black or white cases are functional and sturdy enough for the job, and I look forward to seeing Wallees for more phones in the future.

Aside from the case issues, this is a simple and practical solution for people that love to use their smart phones. Well done. Studio Proper is introducing a similar solution for iPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Nexus 7 tablets. (They were listed as pre-order as I wrote this.) The wall mounts here could be an even bigger deal for use in the kitchen, living room, or anywhere else. Put your calendar, movies, recipe book, or to do list in any room where you happen to be. I did not have a chance to review the tablet mounts, but I suspect I'll be buying a few when they're available.

Full disclosure: Studio Proper provided a case and car mount for this review. The Wallee M mount is available for purchase from the Studio Proper website.

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