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Serving your community by serving volunteer first responders

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Designed for volunteer fire fighters, CAD Page is an advanced, customizable notification app that provides most of the information a first responder needs. From a description of the emergency call to a map tied in directly to the Android navigation system, CAD Page is a powerful and extremely useful free app.


Why CADPage?

In the past, volunteer fire fighters were alerted to a call via a siren. Those choosing to respond often didn’t know the nature or location of the emergency call until they arrived at their assigned station. Cellular technology improved the information responders received by alerting volunteers via a text message sent directly to their cell phones. This information included details about the emergency call as well as the address associated with the 911 call.

As beneficial as text messages are, they are still limited in the information provided. Two critical missing component of text messages were a mapping feature and the ability for responders to acknowledge the call and let department offices know if they were going to respond to the call. That’s where CAD Page steps in.  


The Most Useful Features

Screen shot of an emergency call

A simple press on the "Map" button launches Google Maps, showing you exactly where the emergency need is.

Image courtesy of the Android Market

Once the user settings are customized, CAD Page will interrupt received text messages from the selected county's 911 dispatch center and alert the user via a customizable alert system. The emergency call will be displayed on the screen of your Android device, along with details of the nature of the call, a button that links the address of the call to Google maps and a button to acknowledge the call. Users can also set a customized notification sound that provides a unique tone for all emergency calls.

When used in combination with ring tone apps, users can assign a unique notification sound for all incoming CADPage alerts. I use the opening sequence for the 1970's TV show; "Emergency" for my tone but the possibilities are endless. You can also set what color you want the LED indicator light to flash as well as the speed at which the indicator flashes. When it comes to emergency notifications, the more distinctive the alert, the better.


The Developers

Most every app I've used or know about has had occasional issues. The true test for how good a developer may be is not only how good their apps is but how well they respond to issues. The CADPage developers must be volunteer first responders because they take their app very seriously. Updates are released frequently to add additional functionality or to fix bugs. Recently, the county where I live changed the formatting of their text messages which caused my CADPage alerts to not show the scene address. It was no more than 2 days after I contacted the developer before an update was available in the Android Market.


My Highest Recommendation

If you are not a member of a volunteer fire or emergency response department, you will not find CADPage very useful. Those who are, and whose stations use an Internet application like I am Responding to keep track of volunteers who are responding to an emergency, will find CADPage the most useful app on their Android device. 

As a volunteer and a member of a department heavily dependent on donations, I fully appreciate apps like CADPage and the dedication of it's developers. CADPage not only decreases my response time to emergency scenes but also has made it easier for volunteers to respond. This increase improves the safety of my community and of communities across the country.

There are several apps designed for volunteer fire departments, some to help out with scheduling others to monitor 911 dispatch transmissions; and while all these apps serve their purpose, few are as valuable and as helpful as is CADPage.

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