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WebView for Weight Watchers Android App


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Thomas Phelps

If you are trying to lose weight and have both an Android based smartphone and are signed up on the Weight Watchers website, learning about the WebView for Weight Watchers app for Android will be of interest to you.

Available in the Android Market for $1.30, WebView for Weight Watchers was developed by the folks at somethingJava and are not associated with the Weight Watchers affiliation.

So, what does this app do and why should you spend $1.30 on it?

A Portal App

A portal app is one that brings you to a specific location with a single click. With the WebView for Weight Watchers app, that specific location is the Weight Watchers mobile site. Most Weight Watchers members are fully aware of their website but either do not know about or do not have access to their mobile site. With WebView installed on your Android phone, now you do.

It is important to understand that a "portal" app does not function as a standard app, in that it does not do anything else besides bring you to a website. So you may be wondering why would you pay for an app that only brings you to a website that you can access through the browser on your Android phone?

One Click Access

To navigate to the mobile site for Weight Watchers using your phone's browser, there are a few steps you need take every time you want to visit the site:

  1. Find out what the site's URL or address is. (Okay, so you will only have to do this the first time you visit the site.)
  2. Open your browser application.
  3. Enter in the web address or open your favorites and select the Weight Watchers mobile site.
  4. Press "Go" to be brought to the site.
  5. Sign in using your credentials.

Or, you could use WebView, save it to any of your desktop screens, and get to the Weight Watchers mobile set using these steps:

  1. Launch the WebView for Weight Watchers app from your desktop

That's it. Once you launch the app, you are taken directly to the Weight Watchers mobile site where you can log in, enter in or search for information, find out how many points that deep dish apple pie will cost you and have full access to the entire mobile site.

WebView for Weight Watchers is a convenience app, saving you time and energy. I've found that if I have to complete a bunch of steps to get to a site, I may lose interest after a few times. And when it comes to something like dieting, that already is not what I would call "a fun thing to do," any added stress, like having to complete the 4 or 5 steps listed above, will give me reason to just go ahead and eat that deep dish apple pie.

Your mobile diet partner and scheduled improvements

Let's face it, losing weight can be tough. Any additional motivation or help that dieters can get can only serve to help them stay the course and hit their weight loss goals. For US members of Weight Watchers, having a portal app like WebView on their Android phone gives them a mobile partner to help them make health choices.

This app will not speak to you, remind you of your goals, track your steps and calories burned or shock you when it senses that you're thinking of eating a double cheeseburger. It is not a feature rich app that will captivate you with its wonderful design. What it will do is give you easy and direct access to the Weight Watchers mobile site and may just help you keep focused on your health goals.

somethingJava, the app developer, has posted a few planned upgrades that they are working on for a future release. One is a built-in bar code scanner that can be used to scan products and then deliver the results back to you in the form of how many points a serving of that scanned product will cost you. The second future improvement will be a "Talk Center," where users can post their success stories, get or give assistance to fellow dieters and even post your favorite recipes. Weight Watchers is all about creating a family or "community of dieters" atmosphere, making this future upgrade quite appropriate.


WebView's rating screen

Don't assume that low ratings are a bad sign. Read their reasons as judge their appropriateness.

Thomas Phelps

As a reviewer of Android apps, I am always interested in apps that receive mostly 5 Star reviews. WebView for Weight Watchers is one such app. Since the developers make it clear that WebView is a portal app, I have to disregard the 1 Star ratings from people who complain that all the app does is take them to the Weight Watchers site. They're right in that that is all this app does. It takes you, with a single click, to the Weight Watchers mobile site. Nothing more and nothing less.

The app only works for US based Weight Watchers members due to the Weight Watchers mobile site being only set up for US members. 

So, is this app worth the $1.30? Since I am not a Weight Watchers member (not because I don't need to be, mind you!) I certainly wouldn't spend the money on this app. But for those who are Weight Watchers members and would like the single-click access to the mobile site, it may certainly be worth the modest investment.

Overall, I give this app 4 1/2 stars but will keep an eye open when the developers deliver the updates promised.

Always consult your health care provider before beginning any diet or exercise program.
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