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Nook for Android

An Impressive Reader With An Incredible List of Available Titles

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Barnes & Noble

With access to a database of over one million titles, the nook Android app by Barnes and Noble is the perfect Android smartphone based companion to your nook e-reader. Even if you don't own a nook, this app can stand on its own with its impressive features, access to Barnes and Noble's e-book database, and book sharing abilities.

Download and Installation

Launch the Android Market from your Android phone and enter "nook" into the search window. "NOOK for Android by Barnes & Noble" will most likely be your first search result. Press the "Install" button on the bottom of the market screen to begin downloading and installing the app on your phone. Once installed, select the nook icon to launch the application.

Account Setup

The main nook app screen

The main screen is simple, easy, and functional.

Thomas Phelps

If you already have a nook account, you can enter your account name and password from the launch screen that first appears when launching the nook app. If you are new to nook, press the "get started" icon to create a BN.com account. Setting up an account takes the typical steps of entering your email (twice,) password (twice) and providing an answer to a secret question for security purposes.

Learning Your Way Around

Once your account is set up and approved, you will be taken to the main Nook app screen. From this screen, you will be able to access your library (which will include a few sample books,) choose to read the whatever book you are currently reading either on your Android or your nook, select the change or view the settings, as well as go shopping for new books and access any files that you have saved.

The real magic begins when you open a book on your Android phone. The font is clear and clean and can easily be customized by pressing the Android menu key. The menu keys allow you to make font option changes, go to stored bookmarks as well as make general app setting changes. Unlike the Kindle for Android app, the nook app allows you to not only adjust the font size, but also the font type. Choose from eight different fonts to suite your reading tastes.

Setting a bookmark is as simple as pressing in the upper right hand corner of the page. The page will dog-ear, indicating that the page is bookmarked. Press in the same area again to clear the bookmark.

B&N Store

Screen shot of the nook library

This is a screen shot of your nook library. You will see your downloaded books as well as some sample books for your review.

Thomas Phelps

From the home screen, you can access the Barnes and Noble nook store where you can browse through the vast selection of available nook books. The home screen will show the top 100 nook books that you can buy or download a sample. Pressing your phone's menu key will allow you to change categories or return to the home screen.

When you consider that there are over 1 million titles to choose from, choosing a book can be understandably challenging. But selecting the category option from the menu, will help direct your search. The categories are grouped according to the B&N Top Sellers, most popular books, top "LendMe" books, steals "n" deals, and, most importantly, books recommended by Barnes & Noble. These recommendations are based off the books that you've downloaded in the past and are usually consistent with either the genre of your past books or books from the same author.

In summary, in you have a Nook and an Android phone, you need to get this app. And if you don't have a Nook, you should still get this app. Either way, get this app!

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