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How Do You Get an Android Market Refund?


Question: How Do You Get an Android Market Refund?
Most apps in the Android Market aren't terribly expensive, but occasionally you might still feel like you were ripped off. What if you accidentally download the wrong version of an app or find out after you install an app that it doesn't work on your phone? How do you get a refund?

It used to be that you were allowed 24 hours after you purchased an app in the Android Market to evaluate it and request a refund if you weren't satisfied. However, in December of 2010, Google changed the policy, and now you've only got 15 minutes. They may at some point decide that this is a bit too short, but as of January 2011, we're stuck with a quarter of an hour.

Keep in mind that this policy only applies to apps purchased from the Android Market in the US. Alternative markets or vendors may have different policies.

So, if you purchase an app from the Android Market less than 15 minutes ago and want a refund:

  1. Launch the Android Market app on your phone. 
  2. Press your phone's Menu button.
  3. Touch the My apps option.
  4. Touch the app you want to "return."
  5. Touch the Uninstall & Refund button. This is important. If you only have an Uninstall button and don't see the & Refund part, either this was a free app or your 15 minutes has already expired.
  6. Confirm that you want a refund, your app will be uninstalled, and you'll receive your refund.

Once you receive a refund on an app, you can buy it again, but you won't have the same option to return it. The refund option is a one-time deal. If you have an app that isn't working after that, Google suggests you contact the vendor directly. You could also leave comments on the app's ratings in the Android Market, although that's more for the benefit of other potential customers. The vendor isn't under any obligation to give you a refund.

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