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How to Customize Your Android Wallpaper


Android 4.4 (Jelly Bean) wallpaper settings
Google Inc. The stock wallpaper images.

A few of the stock wallpaper images in a Motorola Droid

Thomas Phelps

One of the greatest things about Android based phones is their open architecture.  Basically what this means is that Android is an open platform that allows for anyone with the know-how to create apps for Android phones. But for the vast majority of us Android phone owners, an open platform means that we have choices when it comes to how our phones look, operate, sound, and what they can do.


Nothing makes your phone yours more so than the wallpaper you choose. Though the custom wallpapers on Androids may be appealing, they are far from personalized. Android phones come with three options for wallpapers;

  1. Gallery-This option uses your personal pictures that you have either taken with your phone's camera or have downloaded and saved in your Gallery.
  2. Live Wallpapers-These animated wallpapers give an added dimension of movement to your wallpaper. Though these can be battery and processor hogs, they can give your phone the "wow" factor that many people are looking for. I've tried Live Wallpapers on a Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible and on a Samsung Fascinate. While the Samsung manages the Live Wallpapers well and has some very interesting choices, I found that the stock Live Wallpapers for the HTC and Motorola were a bit bland. I also feel that Live Wallpapers draw the battery down very quickly, so think twice about Live Wallpapers on the Droid.  
  3. Wallpapers-The final choice is just using a stock image for your wallpaper. These stock images are usually very good photographs. 

The process involved in changing your wallpaper are very simple and take just a few steps.

  1. Press your Menu key- This will bring up a list of options that will include a shortcut labeled "Wallpaper."
  2. Tap Wallpaper -Your screen will show the three wallpaper options you have to choose from.
  3. Choose from  Gallery, Live Wallpapers or Wallpaper. -Selecting each option will bring you to the available images under each choice. Choosing "Gallery" will bring you to your saved images and photographs.
  4. Tap the  Set Wallpaper  button once you decide on your new wallpaper.

Once you set your wallpaper, you will be brought back to the main screen where you will be able to admire your new, customized look of your Android smartphone's appearance. If you want to add your special touch to your phone’s appearance, click the Menu button and select Wallpaper. You will have the option of animated images under the Live Wallpaper options, regular stock wallpaper, or any picture in your gallery.

To find a practically unlimited number of wallpapers, do a search on the Android Market for wallpapers. There are several free apps available for download that will give you access to thousands of free wallpapers.



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