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Google has many services for mobile phones including a phone operating system, Android. You can use Google on your Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phone. Learn about phone apps and other tools for mobile users.
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What Is Google Voice
Google Voice is an Internet based service that allows you to give everyone one phone number and forward it to multiple phones.

What Is Google Android?
Learn more about Google's phone OS.

All About the Amazon Fire Phone
Learn more about Amazon's new phone.

What Is Google Latitude?
Latitude is Google's social location service.

Review of GrandCentral - Google's Free VOIP Answering Service
GrandCentral is what turned into Google Voice.

This app was discontinued by Apple.

The Google Suite of Applications
Android smartphones come with several Google apps. Read about a few of the best Google Android apps for your smartphone.

G-Slate Android Tablet from T-Mobile - What Is the G-Slate
G-Slate Android Tablet from T-Mobile - What Is the G-Slate

Are We Seeing a Reversal of Android Fortune?
With Verizon now carrying the iPhone, what will happen to Android and the Android smartphone manufacturers like Motorola and HTC? Will Android focus more to AT&T or be force to play second fiddle to the iPhone with Verizon?

Before You Buy an Android Tablet
Here's some things to keep in mind before you go out and buy an Android tablet.

Google Maps 1.3 Update
Here are the new features in this update.

Android Honeycomb 3.1 Update
The Android Honeycomb update went out in May of 2011. What's in this update? Read more to find out.

NFC - Near Field Communication
Learn more about NFC, Near Field Communication. Can Google turn NFC into a payment system?

OOYA Android Console Gaming
OOYA aims to take the console gaming experience to Android with a $99 machine.

Top Android E-Book Readers
Here are some free e-readers for your e-books.

Studio Proper Wallee M Review
Studio Proper Wallee offers a way to mount your phone to your wall or car with rare earth magnets.

Polaroid Android Camera iM1836
Polaroid introduced the first Android-powered camera with an inter-changeable lens system.

Nook for Android
An in-depth review of the nook app for Android. Learn why this app is a must download.

Google Voice for Android Application
Harness the power of Google Voice on your Android phone. Take Google Voice to the next level.

ShopSavvy App for Android Phones by Big in Japan
ShopSavvy is an app for Android-powered mobile phones. Originally called GoCart, ShopSavvy will scan bar codes and comparison shop both local and online items. It is probably the best application you could download for your phone.

Kobo app for Android
A review of the Kobo Android app. Learn what the Kobo Android app is missing.

The Aldiko Reader App for Android
Learn about the Alkido app for Android. One of the most customizable and enjoyable e-readers for Android.

Choosing an Android Phone
With so many Android based phones, choosing which one to buy, and when to buy can be confusing. Learn about the Android System and how different manufacturers put their own spin on Android.

Find Food With Android - Android Food and Restaurant Guides

Several developers have released resteraunt locator apps that take advantage of the location services in your Android based smartphone.  You can get food ideas and directions to find local restaurants. A visit to the Android market will reveal many search results when searching for "restaurants." This is a quick list of the most popular and highly rated apps. Who knows, one of these apps may help you find your new favorite restaurant.

WebView for Weight Watchers Android App
Is WebView for Weight Watchers worth the $1.30? Read this review to find out.

The RunKeeper App for Android
The Run Keeper app for Android records and details your workouts. Read how the Run Keeper Android app can keep you motivated to hit your fitness goals.

How to Add Extra Gmail Accounts to Your Android Phone
How to Add Extra Gmail Accounts to Your Android Phone

Finding Apps in the Android Market
If you have trouble finding apps in the Android Market, these Tips and Tricks will help you find the Android app you are looking for.

How Do You Get an Android Market Refund?
What if you purchase an app by mistake? How do you get a refund?

Can You Read Exchange Email on Android Phones?
Can you read Exchange email on Android?

Android Versus the iPhone
With the iPhone now available on Verizon, many customers are wondering if they should choose Android or the iPhone. This article shows that when you compare Android versus the iPhone.

Top 5 Puzzle Games for Android - The Five Best Android Puzzle Apps

Need a quick challenge to jump start your brain? The Android Market has an entire category of Puzzle games ready to challenge, entertain and get your brain into a higher gear.

Here are my five favorites. Some are free and some are worth the fee they ask for in the market.

Angry Birds on Android
Angry Birds for Android is more than just another free game for Android. It is one of the most addictive, fun and family friendly apps available for the Android system.

Before You Buy a Motorola Xoom
Motorola's new Android 3 Honeycomb tablet is the first Honeycomb tablet on the market. Before you pre-order, you should know a few things.

How to Reset a Frozen Motorola Xoom Tablet
Is your Xoom frozen? This is how you reset it.

March Madness Android Apps
If you are a fan of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, then you need to read about these Android apps for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Bring the madness of March to your Android phone.

Best Free Android App
What's the best free Android app?

HTC Thunderbolt Network Connection Issue
The HTC Thunderbolt has an issue when connected to Verizon's 3G network. After working with a Verizon service tech, we discovered how to solve the issues.

How to Turn off Android 4G on Verizon
Are you out of 4G battery range? Then why are you draining your phone's batteries with the service. Learn how to turn off 4G for your Android phone.

Barnacle Wi-FI Tethering App For Rooted Android Phones
Review of an app to help you tether Wi-Fi

For emergency first responders with an Android device, CADPage Emergency alerting app is an extremely useful and helpful app. Calling any app one that is focused to making communities safer around the country around the country may be a bold statement, but is one that CADPage has certainly deserved.

Android 2.2.2 Update Fixes Embarrassing Texting Bug
Google has released its 2.2.2 update for the Android operating system. Find out what the 2.2.2 update does and more importantly, what Android bug it fixes.

My Fitness Pal for Android Devices
My Fitness Pal is a free app available for Android devices that can be your best friend and partner in your weight loss program.

Top Android Baseball Apps
If you love baseball, you'll love these top android baseball apps. Whether you are looking for baseball stats, news or to follow your favorite team, these are the best baseball apps and games for Android.

Top Music Apps for Android
While the stock music player for Android may be good enough for some, serious music fans should check out the top Android music players to see what they are missing.

Top Android Sports Apps
Check out the top sports apps for your Android powered device. Whether you are a fan of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA or all sports, the Android Market has an app with your name on it.

Animal Translator App for Android
This is a hilarious Google April Fool's Day joke for Android users.

Moto X VS Moto G - Which Phone Should You Choose?
Learn the difference between the two Motorola phones.

Why Doesn't Android Support Flash?
When Android was first released, Flash support was a big deal. Why is it gone?

What Is Android Wear
Learn more about Android Wear and watches that are powered by Android.

What Is Android TV
Learn more about Android TV.

What Is Android L
Learn more about the Android L announcements.

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