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Tips for Searching Effectively with Google


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Other Types of Searches
Try searching in another search engine
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Google can help with all sorts of advanced searches, such as videos, patents, blogs, news, and even recipes. Be sure to check the links at the top and side of your Google search results page to see if there's a search that might be more helpful. There's also a More button for more options, in case you can't find the type of results you need. You can also search Google for the address of a Google search engine you can't remember, such as "Uncle Sam Search."

In our guest ranch example, rather than searching on Google's main search engine, it might be more helpful to search for a dude ranch in Missouri while looking at a map. To do this, click on the Maps link at the top of the screen to go to Google Maps. However, you may notice that this step isn't always necessary. There are maps results already embedded within the search results.

If you're interested in the Bucks and Spurs guest ranch, you can click on the directions link listed underneath the address in the search results. You can also click on the map on the side of the screen. Keep in mind that not every location is going to have a website, so sometimes it's still helpful to search in Google Maps instead of sticking to the main Google search engine.

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