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Searching With Google

Learn to make more effective searches and find what you're looking for on the web with the Google search engines.
  1. Google Power Searches (22)

Best Third Party Google Custom Search Nominations - Reader's …
Best Third Party Google Custom Search Nominations - Reader's Choice 2010

What Third Party Tool or Website Makes the Best Use of Google Search?
Google makes a great search engine, but they also make it easy to customize with Google Custom Search Engine. That means you can use Google power to find recipes, songs, universities, or anything else you might want to find. You can create search engines within your site, within your phone app, or within your Web app. You can even customize the appearance of your search results so they blend in w…

Why doesn't Chrome have a search box?
For a long time, Web browsers didn't have a search box, but in recent years Firefox, IE, and Safari all have one. Why is it that Chrome doesn't have a search box?

Find Reusable and Public Domain Images With Google
Want to use a picture in your blog or website? If you don't have permission to use that image, you could get into trouble. Play it safe and use a filter in Google Image Search to find pictures licensed for reuse.

Where can I find old indexes of websites in Google?
As part of their tenth birthday celebration, Google introduced the oldest index they still had available. It only goes back to 2001, but it's still pretty fun to browse.

Highlight Keywords With Google Cache Search
Is it hard to find a specific piece of information on a large Web page? You can simply this by using Google's cached page to highlight your search term.

What Is Search Within a Search?
What is "search within a search" and how do I use it?

Secret Google Search Tips
There are a million different searches hidden in Google if you know the right syntax. Did you know you can get instant weather forecasts or easy stock quotes? View movie show times or find only mp3 files? Here's a few of my favorite hidden Google search tricks that you can whip out to impress your friends.

Movie Showtimes With Google
Want to find local movie showtimes with Google in one easy step? This Google search trick lets you do just that.

Google Desk Reference Tools
Is your desk crowded with a dictionary, phone book, and atlas? You can throw out all of your heaviest reference books and stop calling your local library. Use the power of Google to find up-to-date answers to your reference questions in a hurry.

How to Search Effectively With Google
Ok, you’re trying to plan your next vacation, and you’d like to go someplace where you can ride horses. You type “horses” into Google, and you instantly get back results. 1-10 of about 131,000,000! That’s far too many. Your vacation will be over before you find a place to go.

What Are My Options? Exploring More Google Searches
Have you ever noticed those extra links at the top of the Google search engine page? Images, Groups, News, Froogle, Maps, more… Those links are keys to some of the most effective web searches out there. Let’s take a tour.

Win with Blingo? Review of the Search Engine with Prizes
Blingo is a search engine powered by Google that offers prizes for using it. Are Blingo searches as good as Google searches? Do they really give out Prizes? Read this review and find out.

I'm Feeling Lucky Button, What Is It and How Do I Use It?
One of the most notable objects on the Google Web search is the I'm Feeling Lucky TM button. What is it and how do you use it?

What is Google?
Google is a web search engine that lets you find other sites on the web based on keyword searches. IGoogle also provides specialized searches through blogs, printed materials, catalogs, news items and more. Google is the largest and most popular web search engine in the world. Google is one of the world's five most popular websites.

How to Use Google as a Dictionary
You may have noticed that occasionally, Google searches will offer a link to a definition for your search term. You can actually search for word definitions at any time. Learn how to unlock the hidden dictionary in Google with this power searching tip.

How to Search Using Wildcards in Google
In most search engines, you can substitute a character as a stand in for any word or letter in a search phrase. This is known as a "wildcard." Have you ever wondered how to do wildcard searches in Google?

Search Within a Range of Numbers in Google
Sometimes you may want to narrow your search by finding things within a number range, such as fashion icons from the 1920s to the 1960s, cars that get 30-50 miles per gallon, or computers from $500-$800. Google lets you do just that with "Numrange" searches.

Get the News from Google
Google News is a custom Internet newspaper with articles from 4,500 different news sources and the search functions of Google. While it’s possible to find news items by entering keywords in a normal Google web search query, you’re not as likely to find fresh news items from breaking stories. Google News lets you read all the news from various sources on the web or just read the stories that interest you.

Top Ways to Search with Google
Google can find web pages, images, maps and more. Explore some of the more interesting ways you can Google.

How Can I Avoid Getting Dropped From Google Search Results?
Google has begun an emphasis on quality sites, and they frequently change their search algorithms. How can you avoid being dropped?

Find Recipes on Google
Here's a quick tip to find recipes all over the Web using Google.

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