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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making web pages more popular with search engines. Learn tips and tricks to make your website more likely to be found by Google.

How to Use Nofollow Tags and Why You Need Them
There are occasions where you want to link to something, but you don't want to transfer any "Google juice" to it. A primary example is if you are posting a paid endorsement. If Google catches you passing PageRank from a paid link, you can be removed from Google's database.

Most Annoying Sleazy SEO Tricks - Blackhat SEO Spammers and O…
What's the most annoying thing you've seen someone do to try and gain a higher rank in Google?

Is TinyURL Good for PageRank?
TinyURL is one of many URL shortening services which let users substitute a smaller URL that redirects to the long URL. Services like Twitter take advantage of TinyURL to save space, and other users find it convenient to use in place of a really long Web address. Does this affect PageRank? Can you still leverage the power of backlinks if they've been shortened?

Google Don'ts - Dirty Tricks and Bad Tips
Don't like being found in Google? Here are some sure fired ways to lower your ranking and get the worst search engine results. These are the worst of the worst dirty tricks, and they can lower your Google ranking or just get you banned.

What Is PageRank and How Do I Use It?
PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It's one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results.

How to Improve Your Website's Google Ranking
Googles uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the results. Their exact formula is a secret, but there are a few tips to help you improve your positioning. The term for this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why Titles Matter - How to Get More People to See Your Pages in Google
Don't neglect your page titles when you make new content. A good title can influence your rank in Google, and it can drive people to either click on your page or stay away.

Don't Make "Click Here" Links - Why Hyperlink Names Matter to Google
One thing Google considers when it ranks pages in search results is the quantity and quality of links that point to your page. However, lots of links alone won't make your page more relevant. "Click here" links are bad user experience, and they're bad for your rank in Google.

Google Bombs Explained
"Google bombs" are collective efforts to link to a site with a key phrase and artificially elevate a Web site in the Google search results for that search phrase. Google bombs rely heavily on the influence of PageRank. Some Google bombs are politically motivated, while others are done as pranks, and some may have even been done unintentionally.

Improve Your Website with Google Toolbar
Want to improve the way Google views your website? Use Google Toolbar to help with your search engine optimization (SEO). Check your website's popularity and keyword density, and find your site in multiple Google search engines.

Google Toolbar for FireFox - the Tools Your Web Browser Forgot
Google Toolbar is an extension for FireFox and Internet Explorer. The features for the FireFox and IE Toolbars are slightly different, so this review will focus on Google Toolbar for FireFox. Google Toolbar for FireFox will work on both the Mac and PC versions of FireFox.

Backlinks Defintition
This is the definition of backlinks for Web designers and marketers.

How Can I Avoid Getting Dropped From Google Search Results?
Google has begun an emphasis on quality sites, and they frequently change their search algorithms. How can you avoid being dropped?

All About Goo.gl Url Shortener
Learn all about using this URL shortening service

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