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How to Add Tabs on iGoogle to Make Room for More Gadgets


iGoogle tabs
Screen capture of iGoogle
If you love using iGoogle and you find that you're running out of room for Google Gadgets, why not organize your gadgets with tabs?

Tabs on iGoogle work a lot like tabs on a filing system or tabs on a Web browser. It helps you quickly navigate to the content you'd like to use. You may find this helps your iGoogle pages load faster, too.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 seconds

Here's How:

  1. Go to your iGoogle page at www.google.com/ig.
  2. Look in the upper left corner of your browser window, just above your Gadgets. You'll find a tab labeled Home and a link labeled Add a tab. Click on the Add a tab link.
  3. Choose a name for your new tab. You'll be prompted to add it immediately.
  4. By default, the "I'm feeling lucky" box is selected. You can keep this option on if you want Google to automatically populate your tab with gadgets based on your tab's name. For example, if you name your tab "Games," Google automatically adds several popular games to your tab.

    Deselect this option if you don't want Google to automatically add any gadgets.

  5. That's it. To navigate between tabs, just click on the tab.
  6. To add gadgets to a tab, make sure you're on the appropriate tab and then click on the Add stuff link on the right side of the window.
  7. To move a gadget to a different tab, click and drag the gadget to the appropriate tab label. The gadget will disappear from your current tab to let you know that it has moved.

What You Need

  • An iGoogle page
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