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How to Edit a Location in Google Maps


Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone
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Google Maps uses stitched together satellite imagery to display houses, streets, and landmarks. Usually this works well, but occasionally items appear to be in the wrong location. The most common place I've heard people notice this is with their home.

Now you can edit the location of items on Google Maps. It's quick and easy. It's not anonymous, however, so keep in mind that other people will see who edited a location.


Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 Seconds

Here's How:

  1. Log into your Google Account and go to Google Maps
  2. Type in the address of the location you want to edit and click the Search Maps button.
  3. A marker will appear on the address. Click on the marker, and you should see the information bubble for the item.
  4. Click on the question mark on the lower right corner of the screen. 
  5. Click on Report a data problem. 
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions. 
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