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Google Nexus 10


Google released a 2012 10 inch tablet as part of the Nexus line of products available through the Google Play store. Unlike other online merchants, Google still charges for shipping, so keep that in mind if you decide to order. This device is just a little under a pound and a half, and it looks to be packed full of features. As I'm writing this, it's also the only Nexus device currently in stock.

The Nexus 10 is Wi-Fi only, although it uses a slightly upgraded Wi-Fi for faster Internet connections. It's available in the US for $399 for a  16 gig model and $499 for 32 gigs. There's no SD card expansion, so what you get is what you get on the memory, but many memory hogging items like movies and music can be offloaded into the cloud to keep more space free. Even so, I'd suggest going for a higher memory model if you can afford it.

The Nexus 10 has a 10-inch display (measured diagonally), but the screen resolution is fantastic.  A lot of tablets came out in 2012 that advertised they were "HD," but most of them only display lower resolution 720p high definition content. The Nexus 10 is actually capable of displaying full 1080p HD video on its 2560-by-1600, high resolution display. That's actually better than an iPad 4. That said, it's still a 10 inch tablet and not a 42 inch HDTV, so whether or not you notice the higher definition depends on your eyesight. However, even reading books and magazines should look better on a higher definition tablet.


The Nexus 10 actually supports multiple log-ins. This is pretty innovative as far as tablets go. Most tablets are designed to be single-user devices, but this one can actually be shared between friends and family with private apps, email accounts, and home screens.


The Nexus 10 comes will both a front and rear facing camera (though I sometimes wonder why they bother putting rear facing cameras on tablets anymore. It's not like you're really going to use it in place of a camera.) There's also Bluetooth, NFC for Android-to-Android beaming, a compass, accelerometer, light sensor, microphone, gyroscope, and GPS.

Android has finally come into its own when it comes to tablets, and Google's Nexus line appear to be loss-leaders on the part of the search engine giant, meaning that the company is likely selling the tablets for less than it costs to make them in order to gain market share for Google Play and make the tablet device market competitive with the iPad.

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