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Best Free Android App
Opera Mini
Image Courtesy Opera Software

Android is Google's phone operating system running phones from the Verizon Droid to the Google Nexus One, and there are already tons of of great Android apps available. Some of them are even Android exclusives. I asked you which ones you had to have, and you answered.

What's the Best Free Android App of 2010?

Readers chose Opera Mini, an alternative to the Web browser that ships with Android phones.

Opera Mini 4.2 is available for multiple mobile devices, gaming systems, and computer desktops. It compresses pages as you browse, so they load faster. Bookmarks are synced between your desktop and mobile Opera installations. Opera Mini also has a loyal user base, as demonstrated by their willingness to give Opera Mini for Android an overwhelming 76% of the vote. Well done, Opera Mini!

The voting broke down this way:

  1. Opera Mini: 76%
  2. Fat Secret Calorie Counter: 9%
  3. ShopSavvy: 5%
  4. Toddler Lock: 5%
  5. PicSay: 2%
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