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Google Product Search

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Google Product Search

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The Bottom Line

Google Product Search provides quick, unbiased results because they do not charge vendors for inclusion.

However, this beta service is lacking some of the more advanced features available in other shopping search engines.

In the interest of full disclosure, About.com owns Consumer Search.


  • Lets you sort reviews by price
  • Lets you sort reviews by product or vendor rating
  • It is free to submit items to Google Product Search, so even small vendors are represented
  • Search results are quick


  • Heavily promotes Google Checkout
  • Often lists expired eBay auctions
  • Submitting items to Google Product Search can be complicated
  • You can't spontaneously add your own review
  • Prices do not include shipping


  • Products can be sorted by price, rating, or vendor rating.
  • Ratings for products and vendors come from third party sources.
  • You can list items individually or by feed in Google Base to have them included in Google Product Search results.
  • Most listings expire within thirty days.
  • More options to refine searches are listed at the bottom of the search results page.
  • Search results can be displayed as a list or as a grid.

Guide Review - Google Product Search

Although you can often find products directly from the main Google search engine, you can't easily sort those products by price or separate the stores from Web sites that just talk about an item.

Google Product Search is Google's shopping search engine. The information in the search comes from items that are submitted by vendors to Google Base. Items can be submitted individually or in bulk feeds. Individuals can even have Google Base host their item descriptions.

Google Product Search displays ads, but they are separated from the main search results, just like they are in the main Google search engine. Unlike shopping search engines like Yahoo! Shopping, Google does not charge for inclusion or placement.

However, Google has options to sort only by merchants who accept Google Checkout payments, and regular search results put an extra icon next to Google Checkout merchants. This feels like a bias.

Although Google allows anyone to submit items, not everyone does, so the selection is more limited than a search of the Web in general. This is usually only an issue for items with a limited list of vendors.

Google gives you a large variety of choices to filter your choices and find what you're looking for. You can set a threshold rating or sort by price range, for example.

Even with these options, Google Product Search still lacks advanced features. There's no way to select a few items to make a side-by-side comparison. There's also no way to create a wish list or submit your own reviews directly to Google. Prices do not include tax or shipping. These are features available from other shopping search engines.

With the addition of a few features and less promotion of Google Checkout, Google's unbiased results could eventually put them ahead of the competition.

Google Product Search is located at www.google.com/products

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No Sort Feature, Member karenasmyers

Google (in its infinite wisdom to go for searchs of products that pay for Google) can no longer be searched using sort features of price. They've turned out to rot like the rest.

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