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How to Change Your YouTube Channel Type


Editing Your Channel
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Note: Google has updated YouTube, and channel types no longer apply.

Everyone starts out YouTube with a basic "YouTuber" channel type. It doesn't have to stay that way. Once you've uploaded a video, you can change your YouTube account type to better reflect the type of videos you create.

For instance, if you're a comedian, you can change your account to reflect that. Comedian channels can do everything basic YouTuber channels can. They can also list upcoming performance dates and links to DVDs.

Changing Your Channel Type

To change your channel type:
  1. Log into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the Account link on the upper right.
  3. Click on Edit Channel. The link is on the middle right of the page.
  4. Scroll down slightly and click on change channel type.
  5. Select the new channel type from the list.
  6. Press the Update Channel button.
If you change the channel type from one special type to another (ie Director to Guru or Musician to Reporter), you may lose some of your profile information. If you want to keep the Performer Info, copy and paste it into a text editor before you change your channel type.
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