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RottenNeighbor.com Web Site for Finding Bad Neighbors

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The Bottom Line

Do not take the complaints or the site seriously. I'm reminded of the stereotypical neighborhood busybody. Only this time they have a computer.


  • Helps you locate potential bad neighbors when you search for real estate


  • There's no objective standards for what counts as a bad neighbor
  • There's no way to remove a bad neighbor once they move or improve
  • There's no way to contest a report made against you
  • Reports point directly at individual houses, which may be a legal issue
  • There's no way to report good neighbors


  • The Web site uses Google Maps mashup to show "bad neighbors."
  • Registration is instant and only requires an email address.
  • Search by zip code or zoom around using the Google Maps interface.
  • This Web site is not owned or associated with Google.

Guide Review - RottenNeighbor.com Web Site for Finding Bad Neighbors

RottonNeighbor.com is a Web site that is designed to help you find out about your neighbors before you move. You can search zip codes to see the density of rotten neighbors on a Google Maps mashup, and you're encouraged to contribute rotten neighbors of your own.

This has a lot of potential problems. There doesn't seem to be a way to change your mind. If a neighbor moves or cleans up their yard, you can't easily update the information.

Furthermore, there's no objective standard on what a bad neighbor is, and there's no accountability or proof for the claims.

Complaints on the site range from, "Doesn't pick up trash," to "child molester." Users pin items directly on a Google Maps mashup, so these complaints are tied directly to someone's house.

Combine this with the easy instant registration, and this seems like a recipe for harassment, stalking, and retaliation.


2-9-09 RottenNeighbor.com appears to be down. It's unclear if this is a technical glitch or a permanent site closure.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Rotten Neighbors Site, Member TammyGearl

I wish it was still up! I saw nothing wrong with the site. People should know who they are moving next to. I will be so glad to move out of my neighborhood!!! Dont move onto Johnston Trail in Kennesaw, Ga The lady that lives off of Kennesaw Due West Road right before Stilesboro rd burns her leaves every year! My entire house smells so smokey.

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