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Google Apps

Google has more than just services that run on the web. Learn about Google apps and software from Google and third parties that you can download and install on your computer desktop.
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What Is Google Chrome OS?
Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google for netbooks.

What Is Google Gears?
Google Gears is a browser extension from Google. It allows offline access to Google tools and services by downloading data to your local computer.

Review of iClone 3 With 3DXchange
iClone 3 is a 3D animation and film making tool. It is an affordable package for beginning to mid-level animators. 3DXchange is the tool that allows you to import 3D models from other programs, including the huge library of Google 3D Warehouse objects and backdrops.

Web Browser
Google surprised the world by announcing a new Web browser. Is it superior to other browsers out there? Is there any reason to switch?

Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource by Michael Miller
Google is a moving target. Traditional software companies update their software in numbered major releases. Google can just push out fixes and upgrades as soon as they make them, so it's inevitable that parts of this book are out of date before the book is even published.

Google SketchUp Review
Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling program that can be used to make models that integrate with Google Earth. Like Google Earth, SketchUp is a software download. SketchUp comes in both a free basic version and a pro upgrade.

Review of Google Apps for Your Domain
Google Apps is Google's service that allows you to manage custom branded flavors of Google's services on your domain.

Google Toolbar for FireFox - the Tools Your Web Browser Forgot
Google Toolbar is an extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The features for the Firefox and IE Toolbars are slightly different, so this review will focus on Google Toolbar for Firefox. Google Toolbar for Firefox will work on both the Mac and PC versions of Firefox.

Google Desktop Reviewed
One of the most irritating things about Windows is the extremely slow and inefficient search function. Imagine being able to run a Google search for items on your computer and getting results in a fraction of a second. With Google Desktop, you can do just that.

Top Gifts for Google Fans
Do you know a fan of Google? Here are a few of the best gifts for your shopping pleasure.

Google Chrome Web Browser Review
Not happy with creating a myriad of applications that keep Microsoft Executives up late at night worrying about market share, Google has done it again. In creating an open source browser, from Apple code, Google has not only created a wonderful new tool for web surfers to use, it has shown the way browsers should work. And better yet, it allows users to genuinely architect their browser experience.

Take a Look at Picasa
If you’ve never heard of Picasa, you’re missing out. Picasa’s a free photo organization and editing tool from Google, and for a free program, it really has a lot to offer. Picasa is desktop software that runs on Windows.

Improve Your Website with Google Toolbar
Want to improve the way Google views your website? Use Google Toolbar to help with your search engine optimization (SEO). Check your website's popularity and keyword density, and find your site in multiple Google search engines.

What Is Google Earth?
Google Earth is a map of the world on steroids. You can zoom and glide over stitched together satellite photos of the world. Use Google Earth to find driving directions, find nearby restaurants, measure the distance between two locations, do serious research, or go on virtual vacations.

How to Find and Download Public Domain Books from Google Book Search
Google Book search is a very useful tool for finding books according to keyword search. The Google database contains a massive library of scanned books. You can also use Google Book Search to find and download books in the public domain.

How to Turn on Featured Layers in Google Earth
Google Earth is a virtual globe with a lot of information. If you viewed all the information at once, you couldn't actually see the planet. To keep the Earth organized, Google divided the information into layers.

Download Google Earth
Download your copy of Google Earth. Be sure to check out our Google Earth review, "What is Google Earth?"

Download Picasa
Picasa is Google's photo management software. Download your copy from Google. Be sure to check out our review of Picasa, "Take a Look at Picasa."

Google Photo Sharing and Editing
Here are some free and mostly free ways to handle photos with Google.

What Is Snapseed
Nik Software (and Snapseed) was purchased by Google. Learn more about the product.

Learn About Classroom by Google
Classroom by Google is a Google Apps for Education LMS tool.

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