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How Do I Delete a Blogger/Blogspot Blog?


Delete a Blogger account
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Question: How Do I Delete a Blogger/Blogspot Blog?
Blogger lets you create as many blogs as you'd like, but sometimes that means you may have a blog that's been abandoned for years and is sitting there collecting spam comments. So how do you delete a blog on Blogger?

You can delete, export, or download your blog all in the same area.

  1. Log into Blogger using your Google Account.
  2. From your Dashboard (that's the area you see right after logging in that lists all your blogs) find the blog you want to delete.
  3. Click on the Settings link, which will take you straight to the Settings tab in your blog. 
  4. At the top of the screen, just under the tabs, you'll see a Delete blog link. Click on it. 
  5. Confirm that you want to delete it, and your blog will go away.

 If you've got entries on that blog you want to preserve, you should use the Export blog link just to the left of the Delete blog link before you delete your blog. You can either download your entries to your desktop or export it in a format that can be imported into other popular blogging formats.

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