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Google is so popular as a search engine that the name is synonymous with Web search. Not only does Google search for standard Web pages, Google can search for images, patents, products, videos, stock reports, and more.
  1. Google Web Search Basics
  2. Google Power Search Tips
  3. Hidden Google Search Engines

Google Web Search Basics

Have you ever wondered what exactly Google is? How about that "I'm Feeling Lucky" button - ever wonder what it does? Have you ever had trouble finding things with so many search results? Here are some answers for you.

Google Power Search Tips

Google has a lot of powerful hidden syntax. It's pretty good at reading your mind when you type words in the search box, but it's even better when you can remember a simple command to find exactly what you want.

Hidden Google Search Engines

Google has tons of specialized search engines. There's a search engine that only searches through patents and one that only searches through print catalogs. You can even make your own specialized search engine.

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