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Android Galaxy Camera from Samsung


Galaxy Camera from Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Camera
Image courtesy Samsung

In October 2012, Samsung announced a new device. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a cellular data connected camera that runs on Android. Confused yet? This means you can play Angry Birds, tag Evernote notes, and upload Instagram photos on a point and shoot camera. It also does video. Yes, it will have access to the Google Play Store. No, it doesn't make phone calls.

AT&T will be the first to offer 4G cellular plans for the device. It will be interesting to see how many eager takers they get. I can see the appeal of instantly uploading photos that don't look like they were taken from a shoddy camera phone. That said, you're not going to see pro quality from this camera, so this is all about whether or not you like the convenience of instant uploads for better photos, not pro quality.

It's also appealing in that you could edit your photos on the device using the 4.8 inch horizontal HD screen, which means you could tell instantly whether or not the photo was blurry or someone blinked during the shot. You could also apply photo fixes and adjustments on the camera itself before uploading your photo to share. 

The camera will have a 16 megapixel sensor and 21x optical zoom.  It should do much better than a typical phone in terms of low light shots and closeups. It's still not as good as cameras with interchangeable lens systems, but it's certainly lighter than a DSLR, and I'm guessing it's much easier to use.

I could also see this camera having appeal in the professional industry. Insurance appraisers, real estate agents, and other professionals could do their jobs quicker and easier by having better quality photos available nearly instantly.

Samsung announced that the not-as-yet priced Galaxy Cameras would include the following extra features:

AllShare Play

"Locate Samsung HDTVs, laptops and other devices on the same Wi-Fi network that are ready to receive photo and video files. Users can remotely access files from Galaxy Camera with other devices on their home network like a PC or Samsung Smart TV. "

This means, if you're heavily invested in other Samsung consumer electronic items, you can instantly show slideshows and movies you've shot with your camera.

Share Shot

"Automatically send still images taken with the Galaxy Camera to other Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note devices up to 200 feet away"

Again, you've got to be heavily invested in Samsung devices or know other users who have Samsung phones. This is in line with other Samsung sharing efforts. It mimics features that Apple has been incorporating into Apple devices for ages. It's great when everyone owns the same brand of device, but not as great as an open standard that can be shared across platforms. 

Buddy Photo Share

"Instantly and automatically tags faces of existing device contacts in photos making it easy to share with them"

This makes it super simple to tag and upload photos on Facebook and other social networking sites. It's a nice feature.

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