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46 Google April Fool's Day Jokes and Pranks


Google loves a good April Fool's Day joke. Sometimes the joke is even that it isn't a joke. Every year this list gets longer. Take a tour of some of the many, many April Fool's Day pranks, tricks and jokes from Google. 

1. Auto Awesome With David Hasselhof

"Auto Awesomed" Photo by Marziah Karch.

 2014: Google announced a tweak to the "auto awesome" feature in Google+ that takes your uploaded photos and automatically adds animations or special filters. The new feature would contain photobombs from David Hasselhof.  #Hoffsome  If you tag David Hasselhof's Google+ account, the account will also sometimes reply. 

2. Auto Awesome for Resumes

Courtesy Google

 2014: Google's auto awesome doesn't end with the Hoff photobombs. This video introduced a feature that supposedly auto awesomed your resume. Put all the versions of your resume in one folder, and it would combine them into a single, updated resume (that part really would be awesome.) Next, you can add special effects, like snow or dog backgrounds. 

3. YouTube Viral Trends

Screen Capture

 2014: YouTube reveals that they're secretly behind creating and producing every single viral video ever made. They announce the new trends they'll produce next year include "Kissing Dad," "Glub Glub Water Dance," and "Clocking." They even include a link to how you can submit suggestions for viral memes that they may produce. 

4. Personal Nest Temperature Control

Courtesy Google

2014: This isn't the first time Virgin has partnered with Google for a prank. Remember Virgle? (If not, it's on this list.) Nest is now owned by Google, so that makes this crazy mashup possible. Total personal temperature control for airline seats. 

5. Coffee to the Home

Screen Capture

2014: This new service would combine with your Google Fiber installation to give you coffee at the same time as you get Internet. That way you'd always have your favorite coffee to go with your favorite TV show or website.  

6. Top Planets and Moons Report

Courtesy Google

2014: AdSense weighs in with a "top planets and moons" report for figuring out your intergalactic advertising campaigns. 

7. Qwerty Cats

Screen Capture

2014: The official cat keyboard. You know, if your cat likes to type. Available for download from the Chrome store. 

8. AdBirds

Courtesy Google

2014:  This AdWords parody allows you to purchase ads and affix them to flying birds, so your ads "really fly." The parody goes on to include the types of birds you could use for your advertising. 

9. Google Apps for Business Dogs

Screen Capture

 2014: Google and many other business allow employees to take their dogs to work with them. So this app would use Google apps to make their dogs more productive office workers. 

10. Data-less Decision Making

Screen Capture

 2014: This Google webcourse promises to help users learn how to make decisions without any data using tools such as fuzzy math and Ouija boards. 

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