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Just About All the Google April Fool's Day Jokes and Pranks


Google loves a good April Fool's Day joke. Sometimes the joke is even that it isn't a joke. Every year this list gets longer. Take a tour of some of the many, many April Fool's Day pranks, tricks and jokes from Google. 

1. Google Maps Funky Town

Funky Town
Screen capture

 2016: Google Maps will take you to Funky Town. From the website, Google will offer to send the address to Funky Town to your phone. Once there, the Google Maps app shows"Pegman" changing into disco clothes and dancing.

If you type "Take me to Funky Town in Google Maps, the app will claim not to find any results, but your Maps pegman will be dressed in a funky disco outfit. 

2. The Chrome Chromebook

Chrome Chromebook
Screen capture

 2016: Want a shiny Chromebook? I mean a really shiny Chromebook. Here's your chance. This fake product page touts a Chromebook with a shiny, polished chrome finish. 

3. Google Searchable Socks

Search for your socks

 2016: Google Australia introduced a prank that would actually be useful. Connected socks. If your socks tend to go missing in the wash, you can use your phone to locate them. 

4. Self-driving Bikes

Self-driving bike

 2016: Not to be outdone with all this self-driving car talk, the Netherlands team introduced the self-driving bike. 

5. Parachute Delivery by Google Express

Google Express Parachute Delivery
Screen capture

 2016: Google Express announced that they'll start delivering groceries and dry goods by parachute. Drones aren't quite ready for delivery yet. Parachutes are. If you click through, you won't find actual parachute delivery, but you will see a list of items like clothespins and coffee filters that you can use to make your own homemade parachutes. 

6. Google Tag Manager for Real World Items

Google Tag Manager for Real World Tags
Screen capture

 2016: Google proposes an interesting solution to a real world problem, the cataloging and managing of physical items. In the April 1 version of this idea, Google Tag Manager would send you an RFID tag that you could stick onto an object and then remotely change properties of the object for rebranding. Change the color of a painting. 

7. Google realBooks

Screen capture

 2016: Google Play Books announced realBooks. They took the essence of the reading experience on Android and that of reading a real book and combined them to make a single device that only has one book and no other apps. 

8. Google Fiber Teleportation Devices

Google Fiber Teleport
Screen capture

 2016: Google Fiber announced that they were working on one billion times the speed boost of gigabit ethernet in order to create teleportation speeds. They've even created a spreadsheet to helpfully let you calculate how much speed you'd need in comparison to other mammals. 

9. Test Your Android Apps in Space

Apps in Space GDC
Screen Capture

 2016: Android developers can now test their apps for use in space. If you're a developer and log into the Game Developer Console, you'll see specifications on how to use Material Zero-G, a variation on the normal user interface elements for use in space. Where apparently phone interfaces need extra floaty overlay windows. 

10. SnoopaVision

Screen capture

 2016: YouTube announced "SnoopaVision," a 360-degree immersive video experience.... with Snoop Dogg. The product page has multiple sample videos to try out the 360-degree experience of watching Snoop Dogg(s) watch a video.  

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