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Google Santa Tracking


Google isn't a very old company, but it does have a few holiday traditions. I sometimes refer to April Fool's Day as "Google Christmas," just because it seems like they spend half the year making all those delicious pranks. But Google also celebrates Christmas-Christmas with a few cool apps.

NORAD had a tradition of "tracking" Santa since 1955 when a Sears ad accidentally listed their number in a flyer sent to children in Colorado. When the children called, the agency (which was then CONAD) decided to play along, and it became a tradition. Each caller would be given tracking info for Santa  as he made his flight from the North Pole, and Google eventually partnered up in 2004 to make an ever richer experience using Google Earth. The experience eventually moved to Google Maps, and then it involved more and more products. Google isn't the only Web partner. NORAD also has a Facebook and Twitter account to follow the latest Santa movements. 

After December 1, visit the Santa Tracker to find the latest tracking tools and informational apps.

Google usually includes YouTube videos, Google Maps flight information, a Google Plus group and more - maybe this year there will be some Google Plus Hangouts?

Note: In 2012, Microsoft took over partnering with NORAD, but Google retained their own Google Santa tracker. 

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