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Google Experiment Graveyard

These are experiments that failed.

Postini Joins the Google Graveyard
Postini is a Google product that is ending in 2013.

How Do I Get an Invitation for a Google Wave Account?
Google Wave is in a limited preview. It's hard to get an account. Don't get scammed.

What Is Google Wave?
Google Wave is a next generation communication and collaboration tool. And there are robots.

GrandDialer - iPhone App That Lets You Use Your Google GrandCentral Number
If you're one of the lucky few with a GrandCentral account, you can now use it as your outbound calling number from your iPhone.

DiggTorrents Review - Google Powered BitTorrent Search
DiggTorrents is a third-party search engine that uses Google to search for torrents and song lyrics. The search results also display Google AdSense ads.

Internet Word Processing Done Writely
Writely is Google's new online word processing application. Google purchased Writely You can register for an account at http://www.writely.com. Writely is beta software, and it is still rough around the edges, unlike some Google betas. Nonetheless, Writely has huge potential, and it may be an incredible boon to anyone who collaborates on writing, works from multiple computers, or just doesn't want to shell out the money for Microsoft Office.

SearchMash - Google's Playground Search Engine
Google is using this "unbranded" search engine to test their interface for searches.

Use Google Wonder Wheel to Find Related Search Terms
Wonder wheel is one of those wacky yet incredibly useful Google search tools, whether you're researching keywords or just trying to find an answer when you don't really know how to phrase the question.

Track Your Weight Loss With Google Health
Did you know Google has a tool for keeping track of your weight?

Google Labs Aardvark
Aardvark is another casualty of Google Labs.

Annotum Definition
Annotum is Google's answer to closing Knol. What does it do?

Google Buzz Dies, but You Can Still Get Your Stuff
Google Buzz goes goodbye. They should have named it Taco Town.

What Is Google Pack
Learn about Google Pack, which was discontinued.

A Fond Farewell to Picnik
Picnik goes to the Google Graveyard.

Learn all about Rizzoma.

Google Graveyard Fall 2012
Google has been less hesitant to cut services lately.

Google Graveyard Winter 2012
Google killed more services at the end of 2012.

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