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the GooglePlex, the Business, and Beyond

Here is some information about Google corporate life and current events, including Google corporate culture, business moves, and the major players at Google.

Google Labs Dropouts and Failures
Read about what could have been with Google Labs and what will be no more.

What's Your Favorite April Fool's Day Prank?
I love Google April Fool's Day jokes. There's always something fun on the main page, and often there's more fun at individual services. My favorite joke has always been the 2004 release of Gmail, since it wasn't a joke, but the features and service they offered at the time made it seem like they had to be kidding.

Weird Things They Say at Google
Google is known for their unique company culture, and along with this, they've introduced or popularized some interesting phrases. Not all of these terms were coined by Google, but all of them have been used by Google. See how many of these you've heard before.

Google Graveyard
Not every Google product is made of gold. Google encourages experimentation, and that leads to both success and failure. Here's a gallery of some of those not so golden Google products.

Google Announces Deal to Purchase DoubleClick
Google announced a deal to purchase DoubleClick for 3.1 billion dollars on April 13th, 2007. The deal would be extremely beneficial for both Google and DoubleClick, but it has some competitors worried about antitrust issues.

Moveon and Brave New Films Sue Viacom Over YouTube Takedown Notice
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Brave New Films, and Moveon.organnounced that they were suing Viacom for requesting the removal of a video they did not feel was infringing on Viacom's copyright.

Google Acquires Adscape Media
Google purchased Adscape Media in March 2007 for an undisclosed amount. Adscape provides in-game advertising for video games.

Case to Watch: Viacom Sues Google YouTube
Viacom announced they were suing Google over alleged copyright infringement on the Google owned YouTube video hosting site.

Google Earth Blog
This is not the official Google Earth blog. This is a fan run blog by and for enthusiasts for that nifty virtual globe.

Persistent Info
Persistent Info is the blog of a Google employee. He frequently posts nifty Google hacks.

Official Google Blog
Google info, straight from the horse's mouth.

Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch has great info about Google.

What Does "Gone Google" Mean?
What does "gone Google" mean?

Does Google Have Self Driving Robot Cars?
I've heard a rumor that Google has cars that drive themselves. Is this true?

Animal Translator App for Android
This is a hilarious Google April Fool's Day joke for Android users.

A Google by any Other Name
It's common practice for products to have code names that differ from the product release name, but Google has some unusual names for theirs.

Does Google+ Terms of Service let them steal my content?
This article debunks the rumor that Google will steal content with Google+

Google Graveyard
Google doesn't always get it right. Read about the projects Google had to kill.

Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE
Read about Google's research into renewable energy.

Google Zeitgeist 2011
Learn more about the trends in search for 2011.

Best Android Non-Phone
Nominate your favorite non-phones!

Favorite Android Tablet Nomination 2012
Nominate your favorite Android tablet here.

Readers' Choice Awards 2012 - Google
Nominate the RCA winner for 2012!

Nominate Your Favorite Blogspot Blog
Nominate your favorite!

Google's New Privacy Policy
More on Google's new privacy policy as of March 2012

What Is Quickoffice
Learn more about this Google acquisition.

What Is Google Zagat
Learn more about Zagat. Zagat is a restaurant rating service owned by Google.

Google Fiber
Google unveils plans for fiber in Kansas City

Marissa Meyer Leaves Google for Yahoo
Marissa Meyer left Google for Yahoo.

What Is a Fiberhood?
Google's approach to fiber in Kansas City introduces the concept of fiberhood to determine who gets fiber first.

When Is Google's Birthday?
When is Google's actual birthday?

Google Offers
Learn more about Google Offers deals of the day emails.

No More Free Google Apps for Your Domain
Google ended their free version of Google Apps services for business users.

Google Sketchup No Longer Google
Remember that free tool from Google for 3-D modeling?

Google Zeitgeist 2012 Lists the Most Popular Trends
Google Zeitgeist is when we reflect back on the trends of the year. Here is 2012.

Top YouTube Videos of 2012
Here are the top worldwide YouTube videos of 2012.

Google Santa Tracker
NORAD goes Bing, but Google makes a Santa tracker, anyway.

Scroogled: How True Is Microsoft's Google Attack Ad?
What's with the Scroogled Microsoft add for Outlook? Is Google really reading my email?

Does Google Have Self Driving Robot Cars?
I've heard a rumor that Google has cars that drive themselves. Is this true?

Google Zeitgeist Lists for 2013

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