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Android OS

Learn more about the Android operating system and various version releases.

Android 2.2.1 Update
Learn about the features and improvements in Android 2.2.1

Android 2.3, "Gingerbread" Provides Several User Updates
Learn about the updates and improvements of Android 2.3.

Android 2.2.2 Update Fixes Embarrassing Texting Bug
Google has released its 2.2.2 update for the Android operating system. Find out what the 2.2.2 update does and more importantly, what Android bug it fixes.

All About Android Ice Cream Sandwich - ICS
Learn more about Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Keep All Your MP3 Songs in Amazon Cloud, iTunes, iCloud, and Google Music
Here's how you can share your music between different cloud services.

The ABCs of Android
Android is the open source phone operating system by Google. Here are the code names for the releases.

What Is Android Jelly Bean?
Learn more about what Android Jelly Bean does.

Google Wallet
Learn more about Google Wallet.

Samsung Apple Patent Case
Samsung lost in a major patent lawsuit from Google.

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