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Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet Smackdown - Google
The iPad is great, but sometimes it's still a bit too large. For some people, the sweet spot is a device that is larger than a phone but smaller than a ten-inch tablet.
5 Things to Do with an Old Android Tablet - Google - About.com
Got an old Android tablet? Don't throw it in the trash. Here are some ideas for what to with your device now that it's no longer your primary tablet.
Before You Buy an Android Tablet (Things to Know) - Google
Maybe you don't like Apple, maybe you've seen some cheap tablets, or maybe you have an Android phone and love it. For whatever reason, you're looking at ...
Graphics Tablet Reviews - User Reviews of Graphics Tablets
Graphics tablets are a popular way to work with graphics software. They let you draw on the screen with the more natural feeling of a pen or a pencil, instead of a  ...
Best Tablets - PC Reviews - About.com
Nov 24 2014 - Tablets are the latest trend in mobile computing offering long battery life, excellent media support and extreme portability. There are so many ...
What Tablet Should You Buy? - About iPad
It's a common question, especially now that there are so many different tablets on the market. Unfortunately, there is no one tablet that will satisfy everyone.
Reviews and Profiles of Tablets - PC Reviews - About.com
Reviews of thin tablet based computers. These are ultrathin computers that share much in common with mobile smart phones and bridge the gap between ...
Chromebooks vs. Tablets - PC Reviews - About.com
An article that looks at two very low cost computing platforms to help determine whether Chromebooks or tablets offer the better overall experience.
Tablets: Microsoft Surface vs. the iPad - About iPad
Microsoft's decision to release its own tablet puts it in competition with Apple. But how does the Microsoft Surface compare to the iPad? Will it match up?
iPad Competition: A Look at Tablets Competing With the iPad
From the Amazon Kindle Fire, which helped ignite the 7-inch tablet wars, to the Microsoft Surface, which hopes to bring Microsoft into the tablet market, the iPad  ...
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