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What Are Apps? - Definition and Examples - Google - About.com
Definition: Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic ...
Monetize Definition - What Is Monetize - Feedburner - Google
Monetize means to convert something to money. In Internet terms monetize refers to finding a way to generate income from items posted on the Web. Web sites ...
What Is Google Play? - Definition - Digital Music - About.com
If you've already heard about Google Play, but don't know much about it, then ... Glossary of Terms · Digital Music Terms (E-H); Google Play Definition: What is ...
What Is Google Android? - Definition - Smartphones - About.com
Android is an open mobile phone platform that was developed by Google and, later, by the Open Handset Alliance.
Excel Glossary of Terms - Spreadsheets - About.com
Here you will find common terms and definitions used in Excel and other spreadsheet programs such as Google Docs Spreadsheets and OpenOffice Calc.
Excel Spreadsheets Glossary of Terms - Range Definition
Definition of the term "range" as it is used in spreadsheet programs such as Excel . ... References Work in Excel · Google Spreadsheets COUNTBLANK Function ...
Active Cell Definition - Excel Spreadsheets Glossary of Terms
Definition of the term. ... In a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets, the active cell is identified by a black or blue border or outline ...
Ribbon (Definition) - Excel Glossary of Terms - Spreadsheets
Definition of the term. ... Advanced Topics in Excel Spreadsheets · Excel 2003 Tutorials · Google Spreadsheet Tutorials · Excel Alternatives - Free Spreadsheet  ...
Spreadsheet Definition - Excel Glossary - Spreadsheets - About.com
Definition of the term spreadsheet. ... A spreadsheet application is a computer program such as Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Docs Spreadsheets. It has a  ...
Formula Definition (Excel Spreadsheets) - About.com
Definition of the term. ... In programs such as Excel, Open Office Calc, and Google Spreadsheets, formulas begin with an equal ( = ) sign and, for the most part, ...
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