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How Do I Delete a Blogger/Blogspot Account? - Google - About.com
Here's how to delete a Blogger (Blogspot) account.
Click on Add a Gadget - Blogger Blogspot - Google - About.com
You will now see a screen that represents all the elements on your blog. You can add a new gadget to the side or bottom of this blog by clicking on Add a ...
Configure AdSense- How to Add AdSense to Blogger - Blogspot
Next, you will decide on the size and color formatting for your AdSense ad. If the default color settings will clash with your blog or will hide the text, you should ...
Adjust Your Template- How to Add AdSense to Blogger - Blogspot
Your AdSense element should now appear on your template. You can rearrange the position of your ads by dragging the AdSense elements to a new position ...
2011 Best Blog on Google Blogger or Blogspot - About.com
His writing is witty and uplifting, and his blog is a great example (and our only this year) of how Blogger blogs don't actually need blogspot URLs. More . Ads.
How to Add Google AdSense to Blogger - About.com
You can start making money from your blog by adding unobtrusive Google AdSense ads. Adding Ads to Blogger is very easy, and you can apply for your ...
How to Add AdSense to Blogger - Google - About.com
A popup window will open up labeled, "Choose a New Page Element." Select the AdSense option and click on the ADD TO BLOG button.
Google Blogspot - About.com
Blogspot is the domain location for blogs that use Google Blogger. When you create a new blog, the default location is as a sub-domain on the blogspot server,  ...
Review of Blogger as a Blogging Software - About.com
Blogger.com blogs that are hosted by Blogger.com are given URL extensions of '. blogspot.com'. The domain name a blogger chooses for their Blogger.com blog ...
Add Blogrolls and Other Gadgets to Your Blog on Blogger - Google
Blogger - Blogspot - Screen Capture. Blogger lets you easily add all sorts of widgets and gadgets to your blog. You don't have to know any programming to add ...
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