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Why You Should Start Your Blog on Blogger - Google - About.com
Blogger, Google's hosted blogging platform, offers what is probably the cheapest cost of entry into blogging. As in zero. Free blog hosting, and you can still make ...
Register Your Blogger Domain for Cheap With Google - About.com
You can point domains you have already registered to your Blogger blog, but you can't just instantly register one anymore. Bummer. But with Google Domains, ...
Add Blogrolls and Other Gadgets to Your Blog on Blogger - Google
Blogger lets you easily add all sorts of widgets and gadgets to your blog. You don 't have to know any programming to add really nice features, like photo slide ...
Review of Blogger as a Blogging Software - About.com
Learn the pros and cons of using Blogger.com as your blogging application.
What is Google Blogger? - About.com
Blogger is Google's free tool for creating blogs. Blogs, short for web-logs, are a form of online journal. You can use them for everything from updating your friends ...
How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to Blogger
I've got a confession. I'm a serial blogger. I find a new platform to play with every once in a while, and I'll start a new blog. I hate deleting that blog a year later just ...
How to Make a Podcast Feed from Blogger - Google - About.com
Use your Blogger account to make a Podcast feed that can be downloaded into iTunes. You must know how to make your own mp3 or video file, first.
Blogger & YouTube - Google - About.com
YouTube and Blogger are two popular services Google purchased. Start your own Blogger blog or use YouTube to upload and view videos. Here are tools and  ...
How to Add Google AdSense to Blogger - About.com
You can start making money from your blog by adding unobtrusive Google AdSense ads. Adding Ads to Blogger is very easy, and you can apply for your ...
Click on Add a Gadget - Blogger Blogspot - Google - About.com
How to Add Blogrolls and Other Gadgets to Blogger. By Marziah Karch · Google Expert. Share this. Step 2 of 5. Click on Add a Gadget. Blogger - Blogspot ...
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