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Marziah Karch

Marziah Karch

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Marziah Karch is a writer, educator, and self-described Internet research junkie who uses Google tools to blog, email, socialize, shop, and conduct research. She never leaves home without her Android.


Marziah's writing experience also includes the books:

She's also contributed to Wired magazine and the Wired:GeekMom blog.

Marziah has also made appearances on various TV news and radio shows, including:  

  • KCTV5 morning news in Kansas City
  • Money Radio 1510 on KFNN-AM in Phoenix
  • WEOL Radio in Cleveland
  • WDUN  Radio in North Georgia
  • WPUP-FM in Athens, GA
  • WBZ News Radio, CBS Boston
  • WFLA, Tampa
  • Newsradio 610, Miami

Marziah a Senior Instructional Designer for NWEA in Portland, Oregon. Her previous position was a fourteen and a half year stint in educational technology for the largest community college in Kansas.  She's also taught undergraduate credit courses in interactive media and often gives professional presentations on the use of technology in instruction.


Marziah earned a Master's in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia State University, and was given the Outstanding IDT Graduate Student Award by the university's Teachers College. She's currently a PhD student in Library and Information Management with an interest in studying game design in the information transfer process.

By Marziah Karch:

If you want to see where the Web is going, look at Google. They don't always get it right, but they're definitely the company to watch.


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